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real life Sunday

Well, I got out of the house, which I generally feel is very good for me.  It wasn't as windy as yesterday, but still quite cold.  I had a lot of overdue library books to return.  I didn't want to lift the bag of them, but I did.  It felt like I strained something in my leg, like I'd made the plate and screws grind against the bone.  That leg can take my own weight, but I still can't lift or carry anything over a couple of pounds without really feeling it.

We went to Wal-Mart.  I got a scooter.  I went off to office supplies and got more computer paper, a couple of Sharpies, binders, and masking tape.  Even though I've found several dispensers of Scotch Tape in my room, we haven't found masking tape.  Mom got a quart measuring cup to replace the one she broke the other day.  She got various health-related things, too.  She said the priest, Mother G., had asked her for Benedryl when she and Dad went to church.  Something in the flowers was making her congested, so Mom related to me.  Even our priest knows that Mom is carrying Benedryl with her, or at least thought she'd be likely to.

We stopped at the beauty parlor so I could get "color extend" shampoo, which I'd just run out of.  My hair has faded down to a pretty nice shade of red, though it was very dark when I first got it done.  I'll have to take pictures to send of me with this hair color. 

We went to the library, where I returned all of the books except for the mystery I was currently reading.  I got very involved in reading things I'm editing, and haven't been doing much pleasure reading lately.  Some of the stories are a pleasure to edit, and some not so much.  I rode their scooter, too.

We went to the grocery store, and I was going to just stay in the car, but it was too cold for that.  So I got a scooter there and did some shopping.  I got quite a lot at the salad bar, cut up fruit, salad, pickled eggs, stuffed grape leaves, and so on.  I have just been craving fruit lately.  I got bruschetta, and then got a loaf of Italian bread.

I was having a hard time rounding the corners in the bakery section.  I guess the tables were fairly close together.  I learned that the tables were on wheels when they moved when I bumped the edges.  Better that they move than that I knock the table over, I guess.  Perhaps my driving was going downhill by then.  They had pistachio muffins, which fascinated me.  I suppose it's a specialty thing for St. Patrick's Day?  They were a violent shade of green (somewhat lighter than kelly green, but in that spectrum), and I had to get them to try them.

After we got home, I had fruit, the spinach-mushroom-tomato salad I'd made up at the salad bar, some Italian bread with bruschetta, and then tried a pistachio muffin.  It was very interesting.  Not bad, but different.  Kind of along the lines of pistachio ice cream, yet muffin texture and room temperature.  Mom tried a bite, and didn't think it was particularly a breakfast sort of muffin, but more like a dessert muffin.  I got the idea of putting cardamom on it, because adding cardamom makes everything taste better.  That made it even more interesting, with a sort of echo of an Indian dessert.  I put too much cardamom on the last bite, but I think for my next pistachio muffin, I'll remember to use cardamom with a light hand.  Well, I do like to try new things. 

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