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Saturday -- thinking about editing and reading

Well, I'm still very challenged by editing books other than romance.  I'm working it out for myself, but I'm not used to the tropes of some of the other kinds of novels.  If I knew more of how they should go and what rules you can bend or break, it would be easier.  It's not meant to be a complaint, but me thinking it out by journaling about it.  With a romance, I know the conventions, and how to get a book to fit better into the genre, or what twists you can allow and still have it be a romance.  With the other books, I have a much harder time telling what fits properly and what would work for the audience.

With my background of reading some gay erotica and lots of straight romance, I know what I find to be a fine blend of the two.  My preference is for those crossover novels that I feel would appeal to women and gay men.  I'm put off by the books that seem very clearly aimed just for women coming from reading m/f romances and not wanting much at all in the way of changes, and also by books written for fan fiction readers who expect the fan fiction conventions.  Certain books that I've seen getting great reviews seem books of those sorts to me, and I have to realize what many women love in their m/m romance.

I'm picky, but there are certain books I would classify as gay romance with no reservations, that I feel are realistic enough with the relationships.  It doesn't mean that they lose what makes it a romance.  The characters have to be self-accepting enough, in a plausible way, that I believe they could manage a relationship long-term.  This is, I believe, where I differ with a number of readers and some of the reviewers who review books just out of a love for reading and sharing.  There are some subjects or themes I can't separate out as purely romance fantasy, with no realism.  I need a certain base level to go from to suspend my disbelief.

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