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Saturday real life

For some reason it feels like it turned out to be kind of busy, though I guess objectively it wasn't terribly so.  I went to bed around three in the morning, and slept into the afternoon.  I had my version of "breakfast/brunch."  Mom had started with shredding old documents of mine.  Someone (probably Dad) had brought the shredder into the kitchen, so she was working there.  I told Dad there was another big bag of papers to be shredded in the upstairs hallway, so he brought that down.

I had Jasmine Lovers' tea, and Mom got me into shredding papers, which I hadn't planned on doing.  Some of the things were in envelopes I hadn't opened, as it was clear they were credit card offers or such like.  Mom had me get a letter opener and open those.  I think there ended up being three bags of shredded papers and a couple more bags of recycling of envelopes and such.  Mom had gotten partway through one of the big bags -- outdoors trash bag size or bigger -- enough so we could consolidate the bags into one really big bag.  She said it didn't look like she'd made any progress at all, but at least we got some of it to the paper recycling.

J. and K. called to say that K. had the day off from work, and that they'd come up for dinner.  I got a little editing in before they came.  We went to a steakhouse.  My dinner was very good, and the others seemed to enjoy theirs.  J. and K. came back to the house for a little bit, but wanted to get back to Baltimore.  J. was very interested in looking at and talking about his yearbooks, and I got somewhat restless.  J. and I looked at some of his CDs that he'd sent to go to storage, or that I'd found.  He took a few back with him.

So it was very good to see J. and K., and I got more done than I'd planned on doing during the day.  I'll be up for a few more hours, and hopefully it will be a productive evening for me.

Tags: cleaning up, family

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