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AWZ Friday

For which I took no notes, but watched quite recently.

Deniz left Marian and headed back to the Steinkamp Center to work on his hoped-for sport talent scout(?) job.  He and Roman talked about things there at the Center, I think mostly what had gone on with Marian, and that Deniz was also starting to think Marian needed professional help.  Deniz resumed working on watching videos of young skaters.

There were some funny and cute interactions between Annette, Tom, Vanessa and Lena.  Tom is crushing on Annette, Vanessa is crushing on Tom, but aside from that, they have good sparkle.  It's icky because Tom's already had one Bergmann sister, but Annette is definitely a better one.  Vanessa needs a love interest, though.  I mean, I'm happy if she has scenes with Ben, because of the wonderful chemistry they have, but maybe they could find her someone she has good chemistry with and who's not her brother.

Flo and Frank are still at it hot and heavy.  They snuck out of yoga and into the men's locker room.  They were behind the lockers when the other hockey team boys came in.  You could see their hands grabbing for their tops.  Franzi came out in Florian's T-shirt, and Flo came out in Frank's blouse.  The boys were quite amused.

Ben and Richard were talking things over when Franzi got ready to leave the penthouse to see Florian.  Richard suddenly showed a flash of parental instinct and told her she couldn't go out to see her boyfriend at nearly eleven(?) at night.  Frank was not amused.  She called Florian to tell him.

Later, Franzi snuck Florian into the penthouse.  The lights went on, but it was Ben getting a drink.  I'm pretty sure he said he didn't see anything, and Frank dragged Flo off to her bedroom.

Deniz fell asleep at the trainer's office desk at the Center.  I think it was Jessica who woke him in the morning, right before Richard came in.  Richard was not pleased.  Jessica caught up to Richard at the elevator, and explained to him that Deniz had family problems.  She said that Richard ought to understand about family problems.  Richard thought about it for a bit.

I'm not sure what Vanessa said happened to the dog.  She told a couple of different stories about it, I think.  I believe the true one was a happy enough one.  Tom got distracted while Annette was pouring his coffee, moved his hand, and Annette burned it.  Nettchen tried to help, and Tom said he didn't need a nurse, and went off to the bathroom to run cold water on his hand.  At some point in the episode, he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror, splashed water on his face, then looked at himself in the mirror again, and had a flashback to Annette kissing him.

Deniz, dressed in a button-down oxford sort of shirt, came into Richard's office and gave him the videos of the best young skaters, and his typed-up assessments of each skater -- that's what I think it all was.  I don't think Deniz expected anything in return, but he was quietly dignified.

Deniz stopped at the desk near the entrance to the Steinkamp Center, and told Constanze that maybe he'd start a copy shop.  Richard came up to offer Deniz a contract as a trainee, to be his personal assistant.  Deniz was quite happy, but refrained from giving anyone there a kiss or a big hug.

After Richard walked off, Marian showed up to apologize to Deniz for his behavior the previous night, and say it wouldn't happen again.  Marian still looked drunk, or at least very hungover.  Deniz pointed out that that was what Marian had been saying for several months.  I believe that Deniz said he couldn't help Marian anymore, that he had things to do.  Anyway, he walked away from Marian.
Added: The lovely DeRoAholics Anonymous translated it:  Igor rocked all his scenes in the episode.  I can just appreciate it so much more when I know what Deniz is saying.

Florian was at the fry stand, and saw the other hockey players.  He asked them if they wanted to do something.  What they ended up doing was hanging out at the Wild-Ozturk flat, watching a porn video.  One of the boys, one of the ones who looks thirty at the youngest, got up to answer the door for what they thought was the pizza guy, but was really Franzi.  Florian was just describing how Franzi put out -- I think he was saying she did it all.  (Correction: was totally wild.)  Franzi was not amused.

Florian said he'd wanted to watch an action movie, that the other boys had wanted to watch the porno.  It was still playing while he tried to talk himself out of it.  There was a woman's back, and you could see a guy facing her, and hear porno noises.  Another guy came up.  I suppose a lot of straight porn has m/f/m scenes.  It ended with Franzi saying something I think was harsh but I'm sure was well-deserved to Florian.  Eyeflash. 
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