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AWZ Wednesday

For which I took more notes.

Richard and Claudia were doing the nasty.  Max happened to glance into the office through one of the little cutouts in the blinds.  Then he let Axel, Simone, and Frau Landmann-Scholtz into the office.  Max is too funny.  He totally cracked me up.  Richard and Claudia were moaning and groaning as Richard had her on the desk.  Richard saw the people watching from the doorway, and said, "Oh."  Claudia responded with more moans, and possibly an orgasm.  Their audience seemed to be as icked out as I was.

The audience went out and Max closed the door behind them.  The Frau was not amused.  "Is this the innovative idea your husband -- ex-husband -- has?  Having sex?"  I'm sure there was lots of other entertaining things she said, but I didn't get all of it.

Since Ben had turned Vanessa down about going to the movies, Vanessa went over to the Bergmann flat to ask them about movies.  Katja was there watching herself skate.  Annette and Tom came back to the flat, I think after trying to fix their engine.  Katja went to her room.  That was a minor yay.  Lena said she couldn't go to the movies because she had Alexander, and he'd just gone to sleep.  Vanessa has sparkle with Tom and the older Bergmann sisters.

Ben lay in the bed for a while, then went out to try to find Isabelle.  He found her wandering out in the cold in her little nightshirt, though at least she'd had the sense to put pants on.  Ben told Isabelle that it was all his fault, that he was tired from working at the Center.  I'll just note there were other ways he could have satisfied her and made her feel pretty.

Max talked to Frau L-S.  She told Max, Simone and Axel that she'd give them seven days to get things straightened out at the Center, so it could keep its licensing.  After she was out of earshot, Simone expressed a little anger about it all.

Vanessa decided to help Tom and Annette to fix the van.  Apparently she had learned all about van engines during her year in Boston.  Annette was driving the van, or trying to start it, while Tom made adjustments according to Vanessa's instructions.  Annette finally got it kind of started, except she had it in reverse.  Tom and Vanessa disappeared from sight as large clouds of smoke rose up.  Annette was concerned.

My next note says, "Ben and Isabelle stuff."

Max, Simone and Axel were all still mad at Richard.  He and Claudia had hastily dressed, and Claudia made a quick exit.  Richard stayed to talk to his family and Axel.  Richard and Claudia basically have no shame, either of them.  Richard valiantly came up with an idea he thought would help matters.  "We'll have David Meyerhoff as the trainer, and Claudia Bergmann as the choreographer."  They all laughed, and Simone asked which head Richard was thinking with, as well as several other snappy things.

We next saw Vanessa, Annette and Tom back at the Bergmann flat, Vanessa and Tom holding bags of frozen vegetables to their heads while they all discussed the van.  Vanessa said it just needed a certain part.

The next scene had Ben swimming in the Center's pool in his clothes, only to sink down, drowning.  Ben snapped awake, gasping.  Apparently this was supposed to be a meaningful dream about how Ben felt.  I found myself so not caring.

Annette, Tom and Vanessa went to a junkyard to look for their part.  The junkyard owner said he didn't have that part, but they held up one they'd found.  They bargained, then Tom said that eighty Euros was all he had.  The junkyard guy had originally asked for 120 Euros, but he seemed happy enough.

On their way out, they saw a junkyard dog tied to a rusty barrel.  He was a very cute dog, and very friendly with Vanessa and the others, far from how a junkyard dog should act.

More Ben and Isabelle stuff.  Ben told Richard that he was staying home with Isabelle that day.  Isabelle eavesdropped on that part, and was pleased.  Richard gave Ben some sort of version of the events of the previous evening, and asked Ben to come to work.  Ben agreed.  Isabelle was all happy thinking Ben would stay home, but when Ben "woke" her from her pretend sleep and told her he had to work, she pasted a big smile on her face and told him to go.  Isabelle went past the "moral event horizon" (TV Tropes) for me when she doped and cut Katja.  I just don't see her redeeming herself in my eyes.

Simone and Max had a discussion about Claudia and Richard.

Tom, Vanessa and Annette tried to get the dog, but the junkyard owner said it was his.  Tom and the junkyard guy started to fight.

Max came into the women's locker room when Claudia was putting her blouse on, and offered her a choreographer's contract.


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