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traveling today

The mama wanted me to come to work with her.  She just likes it if I drive home at night when she works an evening shift.  It's not too bad.  She's off at meetings and I'm in the area by the circulation desk, proofing a novel.

I'll say more if things change.

Many hours later: Since I drove on the trip there, Mom drove home.  I was talking about the psychic things, ghosts and whatnot, in the PsyCop novels.  We were less than a mile from the house, along a wooded stretch, and Mom said in a tone of horror, "I see eyes."  I looked, and indeed there were big glowing eyes three or four feet off the ground, right by the side of the road.

"See if it has friends," I said.  I only saw the one pair of glowing eyes, though, and nothing else large in the bushes.  As we went past at crawling speed, the eyes disappeared and I saw the silhouette of the deer as it moved in profile to us.  It was a pretty big one.  And that's why we take that road very slowly at night. 
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    We have an appointment with the podiatrist, Dr. B., this afternoon.

  • Monday

    I should get to bed soon. I have various chores and errands to do tomorrow -- Monday during the day.

  • Sunday

    I should go to bed soon. I experimented with cooking quince. I got several tender plants ready to be moved inside.

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