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Alles was zählt Friday

The episode started with Vanessa reiterating that the hockey team stayed.  Max et al. said that the hockey team didn't bring in any money.  Vanessa said she'd find a way to save it.

Florian and Frank came into the Wild-Öztürk flat, busy making out.  It seemed that somewhere along the line of them making out, Flo got hard.  He suggested a trip to No. 7.

Axel, Claudia and Richard discussed the German championships.  I don't believe Claudia was particularly pleased with what Axel and Richard were saying.

Katja came back in her little green car.  Boo.  She was only gone for like two days.  I had hoped she'd stay away for weeks.  Roman was the first to see her return.  He got into the car with her, and they talked for a while.  I thought he was being encouraging to her.  We'll see when we get the translation.

Deniz was working at No. 7 while Florian and Franzi talked and made out a little.  Florian apparently got another erection, because he spilled a glass of ice water into his lap.  That would probably have a deflating effect.

Brigitte was helping Vanessa with things, as she had been for the last few days.  At least Vanessa has some friends there at the Center, as she tries to learn the ropes of being the boss.

Roman and Claudia faced off in a knock-down, drag-out fight.  Yes, it was only verbal, but it was no less fierce for that.  It was great to see them flat-out hating each other.  Sparks were flying.  Roman can more than hold his own in a war of words, and he was indeed doing so.

Franzi and Florian came to the Center, Flo holding his hands over his wet spot.  Franzi and Vanessa caught up after Flo headed to the locker room.

Roman found Florian drying off the wet crotch of his pants with a hairdryer.  Roman seemed to have calmed down from his argument with Claudia.  He offered Florian romantic advice.  I think he said that everyone was nervous in the beginning.

Katja was out jogging, and some tweens came up and asked for her autograph.  This was just to show that she really is popular, at least in the show's mythology -- or wishful thinking.

Axel and Vanessa clash again while watching the hockey team from the office windows.  Axel pointed out that Deniz the intern was down there playing hockey.  Axel again said that the will was false.  It's just getting ridiculous with him now.

Vanessa and Ben talk again, and, as always, have wonderful chemistry.

Florian and Franzi had returned to the Wild-Öztürk flat.  Florian offered Franzi something from a tin on the coffee table, but it turns out that the tin has a condom in it.  Flo said it was Deniz and Roman's.  Franzi and Florian watch a hockey game on TV, and cuddle.  "Sex is totally overrated," said Franzi.  They pounce each other.

Vanessa, meanwhile, is working hard to find a way to save money.  She calls a meeting with her parents and half-brothers.  She announces her money-saving plan.  Max does a head-desk -- literally bangs his head on the table, then comes up arguing.

Claudia and Roman separately watch tapes of Katja skating, Roman at No. 7.  Katja walks onto the ice.  Even Marian is dragged into Katja-plot, as he looks over Roman's shoulder and says how good Katja is.  Marian spouts exposition about Ben and Isabelle.  Roman adds, "And Meyerhoff."

"What?" Marian says.

"Long story," Roman says.  I just learned the German word for "story" the other day, Geschichte, and now I've heard how to pronounce it, or at least how Roman pronounces it.  Well, Dennis G. has a German-British blend of an accent when he speaks English, but presumably his German is pure -- no strong regional dialect one way or the other, I wouldn't think.  It's pure enough for television, anyway.  On American television, most of the characters speak American Standard English.  I wonder if there's Standard German.

Katja has flashbacks, then there's a split-screen of Roman saying something encouraging about Katja, and then Claudia saying something encouraging about Katja.  The flash at the end is of Katja on the ice.

Added: DeRoAholics Anonymous has the clips from the episode up.  Here's Part 1 of episode 1117:  I'd pretty much gotten the general idea of what was going on.  I feel crappy that I still get so few of the words.  However, when I matched up English words in the subtitles with those of the spoken German words I could then recognize, I pretty much knew how to spell the German words.  I guess that's a "Thank you, R."

Roman and Claudia's fight was awesome.  Roman said he wanted to bash Claudia's head in.  (Too bad Roman isn't one for physical violence.)  That is so worth watching.

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