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Saturday real life

Well, not too much of the day yet for me.  P. called at 11, but I was in that sleep state where your muscles are locked and you can't move.  Yes, it really does exist, at least for me.  I drifted off again for a while.

I wanted to go to Staples to look at laser printers.  Dad was very slow, and kept getting distracted.  He was on the computer for a while, and kept going back to that.  Just when I thought he was heading out the door, Mom got him to go take out the furnace filters.  I know, because when I'd waited in the car for a few minutes, I called the house.  So Mom had joined in with being counterproductive.  Anyway, we finally got to Staples.

Dad even kind of was able to pay attention briefly when it was technology-related.  He wandered a little bit, but didn't wander too much until after we got a salesperson to help us, and the employee had gone to see what the price was on a brand of toner.  We got a laser printer that was on sale for $75 off, and then got another $50 off because we brought in a printer they could recycle.  However, I bought a full cartridge of toner, so it all ended up being kind of expensive.

We're going to try to plug it in now, so wish me luck...

Edited to add: Dad got the printer plugged in and set up, and I was soon able to print out a novel.  I wanted to have a hard copy of GhosTV to proof, and now I do.  It didn't take very long at all.  I have a couple more novels to print out soon, so it was very worth it to me to get a laser printer.
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