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AWZ recaps coming later today

Since it's already Saturday, I mean Saturday after I get up.  Hopefully I will get some sleep, but that belongs in a "real life" post.

A couple of notes meanwhile:

Thursday: Some great stuff with the Bergmann sisters and Tom, with Lena trying to soothe everyone as Nettchen and Tom argue.  They eventually realize it wasn't Tom's Masai sauce that made him sick, but the yogurt from Oktober 2010 that he ate.  Annette and Lena are thrilled.  Tom is less so.

Deniz appears here and there doing his intern thing.  Cute scene with Vanessa.

The Bunny pops up at the flatshare, cleaning out the refrigerator and taking care of Nettchen and Tom.  The oldest item he finds in the refrigerator is something from 2008, and it's Ingo's.  At some point, he says, "Children, stop arguing."  I have the feeling the arguing will lead to a different sort of passion.  The end of the scenes with Annette and Tom have them curled up together on the couch.

Friday: Katja is back.  Boo.  Roman is the first one to see her return, and they talk.  There's quite a lot of Roman in this episode, including a total throw-down of an argument with Claudia Bergmann.  It was great how they were flat-out hating each other.  Apparently Roman hasn't lost his edge after all.  (*Loves the Bunny*)

There was some funny stuff with Flo and Frank.  I think Florian deliberately spilled a glass of ice water on himself when he got an inopportune erection.  Roman finds Florian in the locker room at the Center.  Flo is trying to dry the wet crotch of his pants off with a hairdryer.  Roman offers romance advice.

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