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Thinking about this and that.  Mom called two people we know from church to ask them if I could move in with them.  I think when I said "lease" she realized I really was serious.  The one, A.B., said her son had just moved home, plus they only had one bathroom.

The other lady Mom called, G.H., was having medical issues, and said she just couldn't care for someone else, that she needed to take care of herself.  Mom didn't explain that I'd worked as a nursing aide for years, and didn't especially need care, that I could care for people with medical needs.  I pointed this out after Mom had gotten off the phone with G. and told me the story.  "Do you want to call her back?" Mom asked.  I didn't really.

I'm finding it very amusing that Mom is all of a sudden working hard to find alternatives to me moving to Bala Cynwyd.  After all the times she's threatened to kick me out of the house, suddenly she's trying to find me another place to live.  I think she really wants me around so I can be her "health coach" when she gets her knee replaced.  It doesn't look like it will work out that way.  Well, I suppose Mom will have to get a home health aide.

I'm realizing how bummed out I am about there not being a Gays of Our Lives event this year.  Even though I was dreading all the travel issues I'd very likely have, and far too broke to really afford to go without running up a lot of debt, I very much wanted to meet people, and see the actors and some of the other fans again.  I really wanted to go for that.  I know I need to set goals for other fun things to do that would be far cheaper, but it's not the same.  I'll try to get to New York City sometime this spring, and do fun things there, and maybe Washington, D.C.

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