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Friday real life

And again the insomnia at night is completely goofing me up.  I slept into the afternoon.  K.G. called, and said her schedule was very tight.  We decided to reschedule for next week.  I got breakfast and then felt very sleepy.  I made myself keep going and take a shower, but then I was still very sleepy afterwards.  I should have gone out, but instead I figured I'd lie down for a few minutes.

H. called to ask if I could take her to a mall so she could get Valentine's Day presents for her boyfriends.  I said, "Sure," glad for a reason to get out of the house.  She looked in Hot Topic, and didn't find any T-shirts that particularly struck her as one K. would like, so she got Express Men gift cards for K. and M.  We got her back to [university] in time for her to get a ride to Philadelphia.  I told her to feel free to call me if she wanted to go on spur-of-the-moment trips around the area, as I usually don't have too much scheduled.

P. wants to do driving lessons tomorrow or Sunday.  I want to go back to Staples and look at laser printers.  We shall see.  I told P. to give me a wake-up call around 11.

The Skullcandy earbuds I got yesterday at Staples are pretty comfortable.  They have absolutely no information about using them except a web address for a little safety list.  ("Using them with the volume too high can damage your hearing.")  You'd think they'd have information in the packaging itself, but no.  Well, I have two episodes of AWZ to catch up on, so I'll be using them.

DeRoAholics Anonymous is nearly caught up to the present day with subtitled clips.  They're going back to subtitle earlier episodes, too.  I had lost some of my feeling of gratitude during the time when they were just re-doing clips with the music changed so the people actually in Germany could hear music in the clips, but now I'm quite grateful to them again.

Rainbow e-Books is having 20% off books published by Dreamspinner Press.  It's also 20% off books written by Andrew Grey, and there's a free short story by him available for download this weekend.  I noted it all on the m/m romance forum at AfterElton.

So this weekend should have various little things going on. 

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