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yes, there will be an AWZ Wednesday post

I'm really tired from a busy day in real life, though.  For now I'm just going to note how Deniz and Ben have crackling chemistry, and how Ben and Vanessa have sizzling chemistry, too.

There was cute stuff with the Bergmann sisters -- Lena's back! -- and Tom, too, but I'll write that all out tomorrow.  Well, later today.

AWZ Wednesday: Simone ran to hug the woman who looked so like Jenny from the back, but turned out to be Jessica.  Richard apologized.  It's all up on DeRoAholics Anonymous now, bits with "Messica," as they call it, and the bits with Deniz.

The man Ben was boxing with said that he was okay, then said he was done for the day.  Deniz helped him out of the ring, then asked Ben if he felt better.  Ben said, "Klar" (and something).  I took it as "Sure, I feel better."  Watch the DeRo channel for the actual translation.

Annette was sick.  Tom took care of her.  He was recommending hot whiskey, the Uncle Erhardt cure for what ails you.  Tom volunteered to run the fry stand and do what Annette needed done while she rested.  I just looked up "Imbiss" and it means snack, which makes that whole exchange make so much more sense.  There was a very funny scene where Nettchen was, I think, giving Tom the recipe for the curry.  Annette tasted it with little reaction.  Tom tasted it, and his eyes bulged out.  "Milch!" he gasped.  There was no milk, but there was yogurt, and Tom gulped some down, then said the yogurt had helped.

Richard and Simone discussed how much Jessica looked like Jenny, still quite shaken by the experience.  It seemed to have drawn them together, though.  They agreed that if Jenny came back, she'd come straight to them.

Ben and Vanessa talked out in the snow, in a bench by the half-pipe.  They had absolutely sizzling chemistry.  They said how their lives had changed greatly from what they'd thought would happen five years ago.  Ben did some exposition about the Isabelle/Katja thing, but he has so much chemistry with Vanessa, I almost didn't even care.  They could have been talking about anything and I would have enjoyed how great they are together.

Deniz came into No. 7 right after Marian and Jessica had returned from their matinee movie.  Jessica had darted to the bathroom, so Deniz spoke to his father a bit, and got a to-go cup of coffee.  Jessica came out into the bar, and Marian herded Deniz towards the door -- a bit late, as Deniz said, "You look like..."

"Jenny," Jessica said.  "I've heard that today."

Annette was sleeping on the couch when someone came back to the Bergmann flat.  She thought it was Tom, but it was Lena.  Yes, Lena's back!  I was surprisingly excited about that.  There was a fair amount of Bergmann sister sparkle.  Lena said she'd met a very handsome man on her trip to the North Sea, but that he was gay.  They discussed Lena's horrid track record with men.  Annette tried to set Lena up with Tom.  There had been a bit of Tom/Annette chemistry on Annette's part underneath her sickness.  Maybe there will be that threeway after all.  Or just a Tom/Annette thing.  We'll see.

Anyway, Annette had Lena call Tom.  He said he was making a Masai(?) sauce for the fries.  During their discussion, the word "Afrika" came up, so I'm thinking he really did mean Masai.

There was Ben and Isabelle stuff.  Ben finally came off the couch and went to their bedroom to sleep there.  Isabelle pretended to be sound asleep when he looked at her, but once he lay down with his back to her, she got a totally triumphant look.  Ben looked unhappy.  So over it all.

Deniz talked to Marian.  (Sorry, that's the only note I made of that scene.  I'll watch the clip again.)

Tom ran into the Bergmann flat and into the bathroom.  The Masai sauce does not seem to be sitting well at all, judging from the retching noises that come from the bathroom.

Jessica told Marian she's not his Jenny substitute.  Eyeflash.

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