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Wednesday real life

Not much to say.  I was up all night working on an editing job, and got through a draft of a novel, so I got a lot done.

I slept today.  I got up in the early afternoon, had a late brunch and tried the last tea that had been in the Numi's Bouquet box I got to share with the students.  It apparently was Jade Fortune.  It looks a lot like Black Beauty tea in the dried form, but when I steeped it, the liquid never got darker than it does for a green tea.  Also, it looked like Jade Fortune does when it opens.  (And tasted like Jade Fortune.)  I wish they sold Black Beauty tea separately, as I really like that.  Maybe something to do with copyrighted names...?  I'm totally guessing.

The green tea did nothing to keep me awake, as I got very drowsy after my shower.  So much for actually doing anything during the day.  That's all right.  I have several more editing jobs to work on.  I'll choose one or two for tonight.  I don't mind switching back and forth from one to another.  It's a mental break for me to change from working on one story to another.

Someone asked me what the story was about me moving.  I wish I knew.  I need to apply to get on the lease.  I'll go to do that tomorrow.  They need to do a criminal background check and everything.  I suppose it's all right, since I have no criminality in my background.  I had just expected that I could sublet, though.

Jordan posted on her LJ about getting a Kindle.  I had much to say.  As I've posted here, I love my Sony.  I didn't know when I got it that I could only download books directly to it if I got them from the Sony store, but it hasn't made any real difference to me.  I just download books from the e-publishers or Fictionwise (or another distributor) onto my desktop computer, then drag them onto the e-reader.  It's a Daily Edition, so it has a primitive web browser.  Frankly, it's easier to check my e-mail by phone, but it's free if I do it on the e-reader.

Well, there I ranted about its limitations.  It's a very good e-reader.  That's what it's meant to do.  Sometime I'd like to see someone's Kindle, and see what it's like, but I'm happy with what I have.

Added: Rantasmo's "Needs More Gay" is about furries:  I'm a total fangirl of Rantasmo's, and enjoy watching him take on various interesting topics.
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