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Alles was zählt Tuesday

The German seemed particularly easy to understand today.  I don't know if I've gotten many more words, but I felt like I was really understanding what was going on.

Vanessa decided to take her inheritance from Jenny.  Max gave her a hard time, saying that she was unqualified.  Vanessa said that she was now Max's boss.  It was pretty funny.

There was Ben and Isabelle stuff.

Jessica and Marian were making out at No. 7.  Roman and Deniz came in, though Deniz tried to leave when he saw Marian was otherwise engaged.  Roman stopped Deniz from leaving.  Jessica, who had been saying it wouldn't look good if she was late her first week working at the Center, took off.  Roman and Deniz said that Brigitte had heard that Jenny had a will, and that she'd been officially declared dead.  Next scene with them, Deniz and Roman were sitting on either side of Marian talking to him.

Marian left, and stood out in the snow, red-eyed.  His bar patrons greeted him as they went in, but he was facing away, so they didn't notice he was close to crying.

At the Center, Richard gave a speech introducing Vanessa as the new boss.  Vanessa gave a little speech of her own.  Axel picked his nose during the speeches, and pointedly didn't clap.  Vanessa's speech didn't seem to go over terribly well, except with Brigitte.  Once the Steinkamps had gone into the office (which has a glass door), Axel mockingly gave Vanessa a thumbs-up.  She gave him the finger.

Max got down to teaching Vanessa the business, while Simone proudly took pictures.  Axel burst in, saying the will was false.  I'm not sure if the Steinkamps fired Axel outright, but he was at least considerably beaten down.  I'll have to try to understand more of that.

Ben continued to sleep on the couch, so Isabelle pretended to have nightmares again.  They both ended up on the couch, Isabelle sleeping happily, and Ben up and looking sort of depressed.

Marian had asked Jessica if she wanted to go to a matinee movie.  She agreed.  Marian called (presumably the box office?) to try to get the tickets, and said Jenny instead of Jessica.  He eventually corrected himself, or the ticket people said something.  It continues to be very creepy that he's got them so confused.

Ben was next seen in the boxing club, viciously punishing the punching bag.  Deniz was there.  I'm not sure why.  Ben found a sparring partner, the one with all the tattoos.  Ben was boxing pretty viciously with his sparring partner, who told him to relax.  Ben did not relax, but continued hitting hard.

Tom brought Isabelle flowers, and Isabelle said that things were going wonderfully well with Ben.  Tom was a little skeptical, but said that if that was true, he was very happy for her.

Vanessa got her own "boss" cellphone from Brigitte, who started to speak in formal terms to her.  Vanessa was like, "Oh, please."  She was having no formality from Brigitte.  Max tried to intimidate Vanessa by bringing in an armful of binders and folders of work for her.  I don't think Vanessa was as intimidated as Max wanted her to be.

Ben punched his opponent in the stomach, then said, "Come on, get up," when his opponent curled up for a while.  Ben was really set on continuing, and his opponent eventually got up.  Deniz was still watching it all.  Clearly he was just there so he can talk to Ben tomorrow, as he had no lines with Ben today.

Simone and Richard left the Center together.  They saw a dark-haired woman in a coat that looks like Jenny's and her hair looking like how Jenny did it run up to kiss Marian, who's outside of No. 7.  Simone thinks the woman is Jenny.  Eyeflash.  This should make tomorrow's episode interesting, as the title for the episode is "I'm not your Jenny substitute," with Jessica the speaker.  At least, the words "Jenny-ersatz" were in there. 

Would the people who read the recaps please comment on this, just to say "Hi," or more if you'd like to.  I'd love to get a little more interaction and feedback.  Tell me if you think I get the gist, or if you'd interpret things differently, or anything, really.

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