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Tuesday real life

Well, so far, anyway.  I slept well last night.  I went to bed relatively early, as in before one, and slept nearly to one today.  K.G., the professional organizer, came over at two, and we worked for three hours, mostly on clothes.  I got what the Macaronis would probably call "smallclothes" put away, plus socks, nightgowns, jeans and T-shirts.  Considering that had all been on the floor of my room, then some of it in laundry baskets in the dining room once I broke my ankle, I felt like we'd really accomplished something.

We cleaned the closet out, and I sorted out clothes to donate and to let Mom look at to see if she wanted them.  If she doesn't, they can be donated.  We sorted out shoes to keep, donate and throw away.  I finally found my winter boots back in there.  Well, I can still use them for another month or two, so that wasn't a loss.  I was pretty sure I still had a pair of winter boots somewhere.  I was glad to find them.

There are still big piles of stuff, but it's really good to feel that the clothes are finally under control, that I just have what fits me and also that I'll actually wear.

R. wrote back.  Apparently he really is having a lot of fun getting me to converse in German.  He wants me to correct his English, too.  I said that I was an editor and proofreader.  He said, "I am really happy that I found an expert in correcting my English!"  I had said that his English was better than that of many native speakers (quite true), and better than that of some of the writers whose stories I proofread or line edit (sadly, also true).  We're not talking about Jordan, of course, who is way up there among authors in the genre as far as use of written English language goes.  Perhaps the very best is Syd McGinley, but she's an English professor.  Willa Okati and Josh Lanyon are up there, too.

So, for tonight, editing and German translation, both written and spoken.  Well, at least it will keep my mind busy.

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