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AWZ Monday

The Steinkamps, Max, and Axel watch Jenny's videotaped last will.  She clearly says that she wants nothing to do with Axel.  She has some harsh words for her parents, too.  She leaves her share of the company to Vanessa.

At the penthouse, Ben is trying to work, and Isabelle keeps talking to him.  He should have told her to shut up and go away, but instead he said he'd take a break.

Annette and Tom talk.  Well, Annette babbles a lot, and fast, and Tom listens, and offers a word or two here and there.  Annette takes off to say a proper goodbye to Ingo.

Flo and Franzi come into the penthouse, kissing.  They end up playing a game with Ben and Isabelle.  I think it's Wii bowling.  When the teenagers head to Frank's room to give Ben and Isabelle some time, Ben shows Isabelle how to hold her arm to get a strike.  Isabelle turns, wanting a kiss from Ben, and he says he has to go to work and takes off.

Annette and Ingo say a proper goodbye to each other at the airport.

Vanessa thinks about whether she wants to accept the inheritance.  She sees Axel acting like an asshole and treating the Center's employees horribly.  Ben comes into the Center, and he and Vanessa talk.  Vanessa tells Ben that there was a real will, and Jenny wanted her to inherit.  "But what do you want?" Ben asks.  Axel continues freaking out all over the Center.

Richard and Simone sit on the couch at the villa, depressed.  True, they left things on bad terms with Jenny, but they didn't know that was the last they'd see of her.

Axel spills coffee all over Deniz, and Deniz' yell is heard all over Essen.  I don't know why they had Deniz wear a scarf, unless they wanted to send a message of some sort.  Next we see of the scarf, it's folded over Deniz' shoulder kind of like a towel, and his shirt is stained with big blotches of coffee.  Deniz is in the boxing hall and talking to Ben.  "Coffee?" Ben asks.  Deniz indicates his shirt.  "No, did you want to have coffee?" Ben clarifies.  He asks after Katja.  Katja is apparently taking a little break from things.  I think she left for Berlin a couple of days ago.  Deniz inquires about how Isabelle is doing.

Isabelle puts on a sexy black dress, and seems to be preparing to seduce Ben as soon as he gets home.  Whatever.

Tom is manning the fry stand, with Roman an interested observer.  Ingo calls Tom, and they chat.  Annette pulls up in a cab.  She does a little cuddling thing with the Bunny, and Roman, Nettchen and Tom have a moment of sparkly cuteness.

Isabelle tries to seduce Ben, and he just looks kind of horrified.  So over it.  He, Isabelle and Katja can all leave town.  Ben is only allowed back if the only woman he's around is Vanessa.

Simone tells Richard they should think of what's best for Vanessa.  Vanessa comes up to the door and hears Simone's speech.  She says she's decided, that she'll take the inheritance.  Eyeflash.


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