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Monday real life

I didn't sleep well last night at all, though I felt tired relatively early on.  I slept well into the day, and was very slow to get going.  I remembered that it was the Ally Celebration day for the GLBT group at [university], so I tried to get myself moving.  I got there a little late, but the mentor of the group was there giving a speech, and she can be fairly talkative when she gets going, so I hadn't missed a whole lot.  She was talking about the history of allies at the university, which of course was very significant for her.

After J.H. spoke, we went around the room introducing ourselves.  H. had made an ally of the mayor of [borough], who was there.  Go, H.  Generally though, there were a few allies from within the campus faculty and administration, but it didn't seem like students each had necessarily brought their own.  I wanted to bring someone specific, but she had other commitments.

A few of the students got up and spoke, and what they said was moving.  S. spoke, and said that the school of social work was very supportive, and that the social work professors made sure to mention that they were GLBT-friendly, which meant a lot to him.  J spoke about his roommate being very supportive.  Another S., the English one, spoke about how great it felt to him when people were accepting, how it helped him feel more comfortable in his own skin.  I was touched by the openness and sincerity of it.

I talked to S., my secret love child S., and he had some hilarious things to say.  There was going to be a residents' meeting at his hall, and the staff person in charge (R.D.?) hadn't shopped for any food.  "That's why the students come to events!" S. said.  I agreed.  "I need to slap someone," he said.  "Just stand there and take your glasses off."

"But I'm your secret love mama," I protested.  I don't know what happened to him never wanting to hit anybody.  I mean, I'm sure he has lots of testosterone, but it never seemed to be directed towards aggression.

We talked about S. being an R.A.  "I'm good at it," he said.  I said I was sure the students respected him.  He thought so.  "But they want to meet the guys I bring back to my room," he complained.  "Sometimes they're in a different age range, and they're like, 'Is that your uncle?'"  I could just picture it.  "I mean, I know their names because I've signed them in," he said.  "Sometimes the people at the sign-in desk look at me funny when I have to ask, 'What's your name again?'" he said.  By this point, I was rolling.  "They're like, 'But how could you not know your friend's name?'"

"Well, some of them are not exactly 'friends,'" I said.  Apparently the students on the hall aren't too up on the concept of hook-ups, which actually kind of surprises me.

He went back to talking about the residents and their questions.  "'And why was your bed banging?'" he said as an example of a question.  I thought that might be a slight exaggeration, but I still thought it was funny.

I said hi to H., and told the mentor of the group that I wanted to get back into things more, now that I could drive again.  "That must have been hard, not driving," she said.

"Yes, that was a bad time."  I feel like my recovery was very slow, but I feel mentally ready to do more things again now.

I spoke to a couple of the students.  "You were one of the students who told such a funny story last week," I said.


"D., you said your name is."  I looked at another student.  "And you told a funny story, too.  You're A.?"  Well, at least perhaps I'm getting to be a slightly familiar face to some in this new group of students.

The students were handing out a chocolate in a box with a rainbow ribbon on top to the allies.  S. said he needed chocolate, but refrained from eating the ally chocolate.  I took a piece.  I later saw that the ribbon had "Thank you" written on it, and I was touched.

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