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Sunday real life

Sunday real life was actually pretty good.  P. called around 11:30 to see if I wanted to go out.  I was slow to get moving, especially after I saw that DeRoAholics Anonymous had posted their translation of parts from episode 1109, where Florian and Franzi continued to have funny (to the viewer) teenaged drama.  Deniz seems so much older than they are, though he's supposed to be just twenty or twenty-one.

I told P. I'd like to go to Longwood Gardens(, since it was so nice out.  We got there around 1:30 or 2:00.  They're open until 5:00 in January and February, so we had a while yet.  I gave P. one of my complimentary tickets.  I got a scooter, and asked P. if she wanted one.  "No," she said.

"It's very windy on the paths," I said as we left the Visitors' Center.  I zipped up my layers of sweatshirts and coat, and wrapped my scarves around my neck and head.

"I thought we were going to be inside," P. said.  "I should have brought my gloves."

"Here, my gloves are extra large," I said.  "We'll be inside.  We just need to get there."

I zipped up the paths past the topiary, pointing out that that was one of the few things that looked the same, winter or summer.  The chain was across the path into that garden, since the snow was a couple of feet deep in there at least.  The paths were nicely cleared off.

We went into the East Conservatory entrance, and it was pretty spectacular, with these big balls of pinkish-purple orchids done to have an effect of being on standards.  Picture a lollipop with the top a mass of orchids.  P. took several pictures.  We took a loop around the right side of the conservatory from that direction, and I pointed out one of my favorite fountains, a flat to the ground blue stone one, carved to have geometric shapes on the outsides.  I don't know why I like it so much, but I do.  We looped around by the music room, ballroom and the exhibition hall, then took a half loop around the Main Conservatory, or the Orangerie.

There's a wall of orchids above the ballroom door.  That was pretty spectacular.  I think P. took pictures of that.  I pointed out ones in a pot, around a standard of some kind.  "I like these peachy-colored ones."  Of course, I also said later that I liked the ones that were blue stippled with white, and some of the moth orchids of various colors, but there were quite a variety of orchids to like.

We went down the garden path, and I showed P. the pineapple sage, and said I tried to grow some every year.  The camellias were in full bloom, too, when we went over there.  There's an area by the children's garden that has several large camellia shrubs.  I guess they'd really be small trees.  We went down the left side of the East Conservatory, and I showed P. a yellow clivia, and said I had one that was supposed to have bright orange flowers (eventually, I hope) at home.  "I got it at the church yard sale," I said.  They always have some interesting plants there for sale.

Finally I looped around down the other side of the Main Conservatory, and we went through the acacia passageway.  The acacias are in full bloom.  We went into the room that's always used for orchids, which is one of my favorite rooms there.  If only there was a place to sit.  I could sit there for hours.  The palm house was closed off, but I did a loop around in the Mediterranean Garden.  P. took more pictures.  Then we were off through the tropical areas.  We got to the rose section.  The roses weren't doing anything except for one bed of red ones farther back.  The hibiscus there, however, were in full and spectacular bloom.

We went through the tropical section again on the low path, past the banana trees (that's a part of the conservatories that has a very high roof), and through the silver garden, which is another of my favorites.  I'm not sure why it always smells so good in there, though I've heard a couple of people speculate that it's the artemesia.  There is a stone bench there, so I often sit under the olive tree and just relax and enjoy the serenity of that garden.

I went out through the Main Conservatory door.  P. asked how much more we were seeing.  "Just one more conservatory," I said.  I cranked the scooter to near maximum and set out to the Peirce-du Pont house.  By the time we got there, P. said that the bone spurs in her heels were starting to bother her.  "We'll just go in here and sit for a bit," I said.  The cat that lives in that conservatory was sleeping on one of the padded chairs.  That chair is apparently one of its very favorite places to sleep there.  I took another chair, and was quite content to sit there for a bit.  P. got a phone call.  I just chilled.

As we were leaving there, I pointed out a pale orange clivia.  I think P. got the impression I was very proud of the one I have, even though it hasn't done anything flower-wise yet.  At least she knows what I'm hoping will happen with it.  We went directly back to the visitors' center, me pointing out the witch hazel trees along the way.  "They'll be blooming in a month or two," I said.  "They've got reds and yellows and oranges."

P. wanted to stop at a grocery store.  I knew there was one a little further south on Route 1.  It turned out to be a SuperFresh.  We did a fair amount of shopping.  I called Mom to ask if there was anything she wanted while I was there.  Paper towels were on sale, she said, and she likes their cranberry muffins.  I got the fifteen roll pack of paper towels and the muffins.  We go through a lot of paper towels.

I saw they had a sign for sushi near the deli, but apparently they don't have sushi anymore.  I got little boneless barbeque and buffalo-seasoning chicken "fritters" that were supposed to be like wings, and some chips and dip.  I figured that was my concession to the football that would surely be on at home, getting food of the type eaten at Superbowl parties.

P. was anxious to get home for the end of her basketball game, and then for the football, so we headed back to [borough].  I dropped her off, then went home.  I warmed up the chicken "wings" and told Dad there were chips.  He was watching Mamma Mia.  "For someone who's homophobic, you certainly like a lot of the same things that many gay people like," I said.  I don't think the second part of that sentence was that long, but that was the idea.

"Is ABBA a gay thing?" Dad asked.

"ABBA is popular with a lot of gay men, yes," I said.  "Straight people can like musicals, too," I added.  Since he and Mom sing along with all the musicals they have on tape and CD, he knew that.

Once I said something, he noticed all the glitter and fringe that they were wearing.  "And there are sparkles," Dad said.

"There certainly are."  I think he eventually realized that it was all pretty campy, but he'd been taking completely seriously before that, apparently.  Occasionally when we say something, he'll come down from Planet Dad long enough to observe the strange customs of the Earthlings for a few minutes, then float back up to Planet Dad.  I guess Mom and Dad count on me to point out when things are over-the-top fabulous, and/or outrageously campy.

After Mamma Mia, he was flipping back and forth between football and a chick flick.  I gave up trying to understand him a long time ago, fortunately, or I would have found that vaguely disturbing.  I ate my dinner and went up to the computer.

R. apparently thinks it's good fun to test me on my German, because he had another message for me that was partly in German.  I went back to the dictionary.  He said, "Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht dein deutsch zu testen!"  "Viel Spaß" means "have fun."  We'll see what exactly the rest means.  I took my guess on the remaining parts of the sentence.

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