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Saturday real life

I didn't go to sleep until five-something or six-something in the morning.  Not for lack of trying -- I went to bed around three or so.  My stomach wasn't good, though.  I ate the veal with capers and spaghetti that Mom had had in the refrigerator since Monday night for my lunch Friday, and I think it was well past its freshest.  Some Alka-Seltzer helped, and I finally went to sleep.

I'd asked Mom to see if I'd wake up at eleven, and she called to me at quarter to twelve.  "I just went to sleep four hours ago," I said.

Dad called to me when he got the mail, and I got up then, around twelve-thirty.  I'd thought my car would be covered with a layer of ice, but it was actually just cold rain at that point, so I went out on a couple of errands.  I stopped at a Wawa (convenience store in the tri-state area) to get chicken salad -- I like their chicken salad -- and a family-sized bucket of macaroni and cheese.  I figured if I only got a small container of mac and cheese that Mom and Dad would want some too.  They'd already finished lunch by the time I got home, though.

I'm glad I went out, though.  At least I got a little done.  I didn't feel like going on a big grocery shopping run, but Mom went out to do that later in the afternoon.  She asked me if I wanted to go with her, but I said, "I went out already.  I'm done."  I'd already switched from my crew socks to my slipper socks by the time she asked.

I was not expecting to go out at all, but if the roads aren't too bad, I think it's much better for me if I do go out.

DeRoAholics Anonymous are putting up videos up to the beginning of this past week.  I was pleased to get the conversations Roman had with Franzi and Florian, and the conversations Deniz had with Flo, which are always amusing.

Perhaps more later, though I don't think I'll have too much exciting.  Part of the reason I was up until three, which is not so unusual a bedtime for me, was that I was downloading free boys' adventure stories from the early twentieth century.  I found those "Aeroplane Boys" ones, and a couple of "Khaki Boys" books, among others.  The "Khaki Boys" ones are about the Great War, like the "Army Boys" ones.

There were books about baseball.  I guess baseball would have been relatively new at the turn of the last century, too.  There were books about scouting and hunting, and Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane, from 1913.  I didn't know they had hydroplanes then, though that might have been a science fiction, futuristic book.  The ones about World War One were written in 1918 and 1919, so I figure those were contemporary, more or less, or just slightly dated by the time they were published.  The baseball, scouting and hunting ones are likely contemporary books for the time as well.

Here's one of the best titles of the sporting books: The Eight-Oared Rowers: A Story of College Water Sports.  Yes, I have a weird sense of humor, but several of the people who comment on here do, too.

I made a list of some of the titles:

Camp Fire of the Wolf Patrol by Alan Douglas, 1913, and several subsequent books about Boy Scouts.

The Khaki Boys at Camp Sterling, or Training for the Big Fight in France, by Captain Gordon Bates, 1918, and sequels.

The Aeroplane Boys/The Bird Boys books by John Luther Langworthy.
The Racer Boys or the Mystery of the Wreck by Clarence Young, 1912.
Out with Gun and Camera or The Boy Hunters in the Mountains, Captain Ralph Bonehill, 1910.

I'll have to look for some books aimed at Edwardian girls, though I suspect those would be awfully dull in comparison, for the most part.  We'll see.
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