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real life Friday - the part at home

I guess I got a pretty good bit done, but I'm feeling a little cranky.  It may be a Kris' baby brother thing.  I woke thinking someone was calling my name.  There was no one home, so I suppose I dreamed it.  K.G, the professional organizer, called around noon to say she wouldn't be able to make it, because she had five or so occupational therapy jobs she had to do in the afternoon.  I said I'd been wanting to go out anyway, so I think she got the correct impression that I wasn't crushed that she couldn't make it today.  We tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday.

I'd kind of gotten myself together and as far as dressed when the cleaning lady, S.D., came.  I was putting the cocoa butter and Vitamin E cream on my scar.  S. was in a talkative mood, so we talked about the weather and such for a while.  She likes winter, but admitted she was getting rather tired of snow.  I just whimper every time I hear on the news that we're getting another snowstorm.  We're scheduled for another inch of ice tomorrow, so I was especially anxious to get out today when I could.

S.D. was talking about putting patches on her son's insulated coveralls.  He works in a quarry, she said.  She also mentioned that she has a lot of crochet yarn and supplies in her room, and has been talking about making quilts and afghans.  I ran up and got my e-reader, and asked if she could make a quilted cover for that.

We went back and forth a bit over design, and she finally had me draw what I meant.  I wanted padding around the whole thing, with a front that flipped open and had a Velcro strap together to hold it when it was closed.  She said she could make a padded covering that had a handle and Velcro on top.  I had said I'd pay $25.  She thought that was ridiculously much.  "The covers they sell, which are fabric with a bit of leather, and little pins holding the reader in, are $40," I said.

"What color do you want?" she asked.

"It can be multicolored," I said.  "Blue, purple, pink, whatever.  Just so it has cotton batting inside the cover."  I thought about it.  "I wouldn't want a cover of fabric meant for little kids' stuff."  S. said she had lots of quilting material home, so she wouldn't need to buy any fabric or cotton batting.

I told S. she should put the word out that she makes covers for e-readers, and I bet it would be popular.  She said she already has four [state university] afghans to make and a baby afghan.  Apparently she's pretty booked.

I called H. to see if she wanted to go to the really big used book store near [borough].  She said she would, that she'd be done work at 3:30.  I figured I'd do various errands and shopping meanwhile.

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