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AWZ Thursday

Roman confronts Meyerhoff.  Katja runs off.

Marian finally realizes it's Jessica afterwards, and runs off.

Katja runs into Deniz, who manages to keep his armload of boxes from falling.  Marian runs into Deniz, and this time Deniz does drop his load of boxes.  Marian unrolls one of the things Deniz was carrying, that picture of Jenny.

Annette catches up with Katja outside the Center, and gives her love.

Richard and the usual suspects gloat about using Axel's rules about the workers needing to be 100% healthy against him.  Vanessa runs out of the room.

Claudia comes to the Bergmann flat, to the bathroom where Katja's taking a shower, to give her a pep talk.

Axel gets a form from Jessica saying that he's fit.  "Top fit."

During the sex Marian had with Jessica, who he thought that whole time was Jenny, he said, "I love you."  She comes to the bar and says she loves him too.  Marian was quite content to wallow in his grief and look at the artifacts he has of Jenny's.  Marian tells Jessica he thinks it's going too fast.  Jessica sees the "J" necklace Marian was holding, and says, "Is that for me?"  Marian says it is, and puts it on her.

Ben comes to the trainer's office looking for Roman.  Claudia bawls him out about giving Katja lovesickness.

Isabelle is still obsessed over the burn scar on her decolletage.

"Breathe Me" started playing, and I thought for a moment I'd switched shows, but it was being used for a Katja moping scene.  Huge boos and a verdict of sacrilege.

Isabelle calls Jessica, who gives her silicone(?) -- perhaps a scar-covering cream?  Jessica tells Isabelle not to stay in the apartment, but to get out and see friends, to socialize.  Too bad Isabelle doesn't have any friends.

Richard, Simone and Max put their heads together to write "Jenny's" will.  They leave things to Roman, and Frau Scholtz.  Vanessa comes in and says she's written Jenny's will.  Eyeflash.

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