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AWZ Wednesday

Simone continues with her plan to fake Jenny's will.  Vanessa doesn't like it.

Katja mopes.

Marian spies on Richard talking to Jessica.  Richard is asking about his heart medicine, and flirting.  Jessica tells him he should go to his cardiologist.

Katja skates badly.

Ben comes home.  Isabelle stuff.  Vanessa comes and vents about her parents' plans.  Ben says that the firm has always been their favorite child.  Vanessa storms out.  Ben belatedly tries to apologize, but Vanessa's gone.

Marian and Jessica stupidity, as Marian accuses Jessica of flirting.

Roman clashes with Claudia.  Katja comes in.

Simone and Max have a breakfast plotting session at the villa.  Vanessa comes in.  Worth watching for Vanessa's red top.  She's a big girl, but she wears her clothes with confidence.

Marian watches Jessica take off her robe and swim, and gets totally confuses between Jenny and Jessica.

Claudia gives Katja a pep talk.

Roman discusses things with the star trainer Claudia's brought in, Meyerhoff.  Meyerhoff diagnoses lovesickness.

Axel breaks up a little Constanze, Brigitte and Ben birthday party at the desk.  He lists a clause which says that staff shouldn't drink.  Since when?  He has Brigitte dig out his list of rules and regulations.

Meyerhoff starts his critique of Katja.  Roman and Annette exchange worried glances as Meyerhoff gets more and more demanding.

Jessica comes into the men's locker room.  Marian confuses her with Jenny and the time he and Jenny hooked up in the locker room.  It's all very creepy.  Marian even says, "I love you," thinking he's talking to Jenny.

Ben joins Richard and Max.  He's found something in Axel's rules, something he says about the health of the workers.

At some point either late in this episode or early in the next, Richard and Max confront Axel with his rule about workers needing to be 100% healthy.  They mock him about the aphasia while pointing out that he's not 100% healthy because of that.

The star trainer says it's unprofessional for a skater to succumb to lovesickness, and says to Katja, "You don't belong on the ice."

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