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certain erotic romance conventions -- why?

     Apparently certain things are necessary to spice up an erotic romance, or you would think so from what's currently out there.  Bondage and flogging are two notably popular ones.  I don't think there's an overriding need for those acts in order to make a story erotic, especially if they're just added in with no particular rationale.  There are a (very) few authors who handle these well, in my opinion, with good explanations of why the characters enjoy this and find it erotic.  For instance, the bondage scenes are done well in the Nicky and Brandon stories.  Those authors who are just writing BDSM because it's trendy frequently have a couple of areas where I just think "fail."  Not using a safeword is one, and not checking every so often to see if the sub is okay is another.  Like, making sure the sub's circulation isn't being cut off -- I've read some stories which would seem like they'd give one of the protagonists gangrene.  Going back to what generally seems to be considered spicy, spanking is another one that seems awfully popular -- I don't think I've read a scene that made that seem erotic to me.  I guess it works for some people.  In m/f stories, it seems to be really common for the couple to have anal sex.  Again, I frequently wonder why this is necessary to the story.  It's not like the woman has a prostate -- why would this be the preferred act?  There's all this excitement in some of the stories about how the woman is a virgin this way -- I guess I don't see it as the woman losing her virginity in the same way as the more traditional manner.

     In m/m/f menage stories, I can detach mentally to a certain extent in that "This is fiction, people" manner that usually works well for me.  But some of the acts just strike me as being painful.  Like things that you see in stag movies -- I wonder how the ordinary woman manages them so easily in these stories.  It seems like it would take someone much longer to adapt to being able to do those things, too.  Like it wouldn't be so easy the first time you try something that requires an awful lot of coordination.

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