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AWZ Tuesday

Axel continues his quest to get the inheritance.  Richard is very angry.

Katja trains badly, with Roman and Claudia there.

Frank is at No. 7 giving extensive drink orders.  Marian says she (some of the hockey team?) are too young to drink.  Flo comes in and asks if Franzi's cell phone is broken.

Ben joins the Steinkamp and Max meeting.  Simone calls and Richard tells her it's all good.  Vanessa fumes.  Richard says he doesn't want Simone to hear over the phone that her daughter has been officially declared dead.

Roman and Claudia watch Katja on an exercise machine, and discuss.

Isabelle being mopey.  A fax comes in, and she first thinks it's from Ben.  It's from Flo, for Franzi.  Franzi doesn't want to look at it, but Isabelle says she should.  It says, "Ich bin ein Idiot und Du bist tollste Frau die Welt."  ("I'm an idiot and you're the greatest woman in the world.")

Max and Richard discuss again.  Max says there isn't a legal way to stop Axel.  Not that that's ever stopped Max.

Deniz answers the Steinkamp Center phone.  Flo comes up, and Deniz says, "What can I do for you?"  Flo wants to see if he's gotten a fax (or can use the fax machine?).  Deniz points out Franzi and says that Flo can speak to her directly.  Flo tries, and Frank walks away.  Deniz says he doesn't believe Flo will be getting a fax.

Claudia and Katja stuff.

Axel wants Richard to sign a form about how Axel is one of the Steinkamp Center bosses now.  Richard balls it up and throws it over his shoulder.  Axel gets out another copy and pursues Richard.

Max and Ben talk things over.

Florian and Frank face off in the boxing ring.  Deniz is filling in as trainer again.  Hijinks ensue with the teenagers, with Frank hitting Florian even when he puts his gloves down.  Deniz calls Frank down to talk to her, and sends Andy up into the ring.  Flo punches Andy in the gut.  They go back and forth some, and Andy lands a punch on Flo's jaw.  Flo collapses, and Deniz and Frank rush into the ring.  Frank croons over Flo, and he smiles.  Deniz tries to get order, but Frank and Flo kiss.

We get a glimpse of Ingo and Tom singing and playing guitar.  I love Tom, but I was glad it was only a little bit of guitar.  Meanwhile, Annette and Katja chat.

Richard and Vanessa talk about the declaration of Jenny's death.  It's a father-daughter bonding thing.

Simone gets back to Essen, and goes to the Center first thing.  Axel shows her the death declaration.

Franzi and Flo continue their making up at the penthouse, then start to make out some.  They decide they shouldn't rush things, and next we see, they're doing homework.  Isabelle mocks Flo's knowledge of politics or lack thereof, and Flo says he can fix a washing machine.

Simone cuts up the death declaration, and cuts the black ribbon off that picture of Jenny.  She's still determined.

Katja has a Ben dream.

Simone asks Max and Richard if they have a plan.  They don't, but Simone does.  They can write a will in Jenny's name.  Eyeflash.

Tags: soap opera

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