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Thursday real life

I slept for much of the day.  After I woke, I did my usual "morning" things.  I washed my hair today, of course.  I don't think I got much red dye on the pillows last night.  The "recovery treatment" of deep conditioning the stylist did after the dye job seems to have washed out a lot of the extra dye that day.  It remains a dark auburn, and I want it to fade lighter.  It won't do that when I stay inside, of course.  I wanted to go out just to get out of the house while I could, but it was already so late the museums and gardens would have closed in an hour or so, and it takes a while to get to them.

I called S. and H. about doing something over the weekend.  P. called last night and wanted me to take her for driving practice, to do parallel parking, but I want to get out and do something fun.  Saturday is supposed to be a bad storm, but I suggested to S. and H. that we could to Longwood Gardens on Sunday, as I still have the two complimentary tickets.  Sunday isn't supposed to be bad.

A. wrote to say that the Gays of Our Lives Los Angeles event had been canceled.  I'm disappointed, as I would have really liked to meet him and KC in person, and possibly James, too.  I'd have been really happy to see Thore and Jo again, too.  I'd have liked to see Lisabea again, too, but we can meet up on the East Coast.

I was pretty freaked out at the idea of flying across country by myself, and with a metal plate and screws in my ankle.  I also was unsure about accomodations and wouldn't have wanted to drive in hideous city traffic.  Also, I didn't want to run up my credit card hideously, and since I had practically no savings left and am planning to move, that's likely where the money would have come from.

Mom was very happy to hear that I wasn't going to Los Angeles.  I was angry at her.  She hugged me and said she was glad I wasn't going to go deep in debt again.  It still feels more like she didn't want me going anywhere she didn't personally approve, since she's so dead set against me moving out of the house.  Not going into debt again will make moving out much easier, it's true.

Jordan and I are talking about JCP Books books that I'm editing.  Have I mentioned how much I love GhosTV?  The novel version of Zero Hour is nice and fast-moving, too, and I liked Ernest better.  It was hard for me in the serialized version, because it seemed like he stayed clueless for months (I'm sure partly because we got a chapter at a time), but that's not the case here.  I don't want to give away too much.

I'm finally making progress on the novels for G., too.  It was so hard for me to try to edit a 500-page horror novel, because it's not what I'm used to at all.  I still don't want to read it in my room, or at night.  That cuts way down on my editing time.  The m/m romance I got more recently was much easier for me to deal with, and I was basically all right with the superhero novel, though the 500-page length of that threw me some, too.

I'm slated to line edit a Willa Okati novella.  I love Willa's writing.  I don't care for the Gay for You storyline she uses often enough, but many readers adore that.  We'll see what this one is, but I'm sure I'll appreciate the writing, the relationship-building, and the characters.

So once again, I didn't get outside, but at least I made good progress on some editing.
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