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AWZ Monday

(Episode 1108)

Yes, I know it's Thursday now, and I'm sorry for the delay.  It was a pretty good episode, though.

It started out with Jessica and Marian, Jessica saying that she had a job as a doctor.  Oops.

Florian and Franzi were arguing, Flo trying to get Franzi to stay at the Wild-Ozturk flat, Frank getting dressed as quickly as she could and slamming the door on her way out.

Richard and Max were discussing things, and Deniz popped in to deliver a letter.  I thought that would be all we'd see of Deniz, but I was happy to be proved very wrong.  Richard wants to sell Steinkamp Sport and Wellness to Vanessa for one Euro.  I have a one Euro coin, by the way.  H. gave it to me when we had our reunion dinner.  She gave me a Norwegian kroner, too.  I looked at my Euro when Richard said that.

Vanessa said it was a crazy plan.  She said, "Why not sell the Center to Ben or Maximilien?"

"Yes, why not Maximilien?" Max asked.

Richard said to Vanessa, "You're Jenny's sister/sibling."

"Ah, zu," Max said.  It sounds like, "Ah, so" but I think there's a "z" in there.  I've seen various English translations for it, but I think "Oh, I see" pretty much works.  Christian says it sometimes when things become clear to him.

Marian mopes and thinks about drinking, then pours out the drink he's mixed for himself.  This is supposed to be deep and meaningful.

Claudia came along while Constanze was showing Jessica around the Center, and explaining they could get outfits at cost.  I figured that Claudia would immediately start being a lying, evil blackmailing bitch to Jessica.  Jessica recognized that Claudia was Katja's mother, and was ready to be friendly, but Claudia condescendingly said that she was Katja's manager, and sailed off.

Katja was next seen at training, falling down a lot.  Roman was there, and the Bunny looked rather depressed about how his star and only skater was skating so badly.

Next we saw of Roman, he was warming up by drinking coffee in a to-go cup.  He spotted Franzi on the Rowing Machine of Angst (yes, borrowed from EKP).  Roman recognizes angst when he sees it, and asked Franzi what had happened, what his little brother had done (possibly, what his little brother had messed up).  Franzi didn't want to talk about it right at first, but Roman said something persuasive, and she vented.

I think Roman said that his first time was crappy, too.  (Edited: He said, "Well, my first time wasn't all that great either.  And I had two first times.")  He really is being very sweet with Franzi.  They're very cute together, the older and wiser Wild and the littlest Steinkamp.

Axel tried to talk to Max, but didn't get far.

Franzi got rather snippy with Ben when he asked her why she'd missed school.  Ben figured out that it was lovesickness.  The teenagers are obvious enough that even Ben can't miss it.  Yes, subtle like a sledgehammer.  Ben stayed calm.

Deniz is cleaning off the Steinkamp Center's bar, and sees Marian.  "Is Jessica really working here?" Marian asks.

Deniz confirms it, and senses that all is not right.  He puts aside the bucket and cleaning cloth, and tells Marian to think of him as a trusted barkeeper.  Marian starts to say he screwed up, but Deniz' phone rings.  Deniz says, "Now?" and Marian turns and spots Jessica.  Marian starts a lengthy apology, including saying he was an idiot.  Jessica forgives him a couple of scenes later.

Roman tries to talk with Florian, whose communication skills are somewhere like what Deniz' were at that age.  Roman: "I just love conversations like this."  Also, Flo was playing a hockey computer game, and Roman turned down the volume so talking can actually occur.

The klein Wild is skeptical about Roman being able to help him with girl problems.  Florian: "You don't know anything about women anyway."

Roman asks, "Why, because I'm gay?"

Florian: "Among other things."

Roman says, "Let me tell you something, little brother.  It's not unusual for a woman to tell a guy like me all their secrets, even the ones they wouldn't tell a guy like you under the threat of torture."

Florian looks thoughtful, then vents a bit.  He asks what you do if a woman says she's done having sex with you.  It gives Roman pause.  "Yeah, exactly," Florian says.  He gets up and goes to his room.  Doorslam.  Roman starts playing the computer game.

Deniz comes into the Wild-Ozturk flat.  Doorslam.  "We're going to need new doors," Roman says.  He asks Deniz what the problem is.  Deniz  tells Roman about cleaning the bar at the Center and having to do things because Brigitte had a hairdresser's appointment.  "What's really the problem?" Roman asks.

"My dad and Jessica are fighting."  Roman and Deniz start to hear loud female moaning from downstairs, and get vivid expressions.

Even Florian comes out of his room long enough to ask, "Does anyone know where my headphones are?"  He continues, to Deniz: "Tell your father that his bed squeaks.  And so does his girlfriend."  Roman suppresses a smile or three through all this.

Deniz hops over the back of the couch, and grabs the other gaming console.  "Could you turn the volume up?" he asks.  Roman complies, and they relax and play the game.  Roman doesn't even try to hide his last smile in the scene.

Ben talks things over with Vanessa.  They have crackling chemistry.  Ben thinks it's a crazy plan, too.  "That's what I said!" Vanessa says.

Axel searches for office help late at night, calling for Brigitte, then calling, "Intern!"  Of course, Deniz is already home playing computer games.  Axel sees a note about there being a Steinkamp meeting with a notary.  He hovers over Deniz the next morning, mobbing him in sputtering, aphasic German as Deniz tries to fix the fax machine.

Florian comes into the boxing hall, and Ben sees him and pauses in punishing the punching bag.  "Franziska missed school yesterday because of you," Ben says.  I thought Ben and Flo were just going to have an awkward conversation, but it was Ben threatening Flo, which was at least somewhat awesome.  Ben actually made himself kind of useful today.  At the end of his threatening speech, Ben "playfully" hit Flo in the chest.  Florian wheezed for breath.  Hee.

Deniz finally gets the fax machine fixed, and Axel grabs each sheet of paper as it comes out.  He darts towards the elevator.  I'm not sure if it's working, because I think Deniz says, "Stairs."  Once Axel leaves, Deniz makes a priceless expression.

Axel bursts into the meeting with the notary.  "The declaration of Jenny's death is tomorrow," Richard and Max say.

Axel has Brigitte bring in a whiteboard on a stand.  Clearly he had it all planned out.  He shows his diagram and maps of Eurasia and everything regarding how it might be tomorrow in German time, but it's today in Russian time.  Dismayed eyeflashes from Richard, Vanessa and Max.

Translations of the Franzi/Florian and assorted Deniz and Roman scenes from DeRoAholics Anonymous:

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