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real life Wednesday

Well, I woke with a splitting headache and took some Advil.  Then I made myself get going, and got to an appointment, then ran some errands.  My headache had let up, so I went to get my hair done.  It's a dark red now, the same shade I had it last time I got it done.  It won't be that bright copper color it was last March, but I liked the shades it faded to from the auburn it is now.

Mom called wanting me to pick her up at Firestone.  I asked what was for dinner.  "Leftover chicken," she said.  Since she only bakes chicken breasts for an hour, no matter how big they are, they're still pink when she serves them.  Leftover pink chicken is no more appealing than the fresh version.  I stopped at Wendy's and got dinner for myself.

I got to the Firestone, and was going to call Mom, but saw her coming out the door.  I pointed to the back door.  "You can sit in the back seat," I said.  "All of my things are in the front seat."  This included my CDs, my purse, my food, today's mail.  Mom started to whine.  "Or you can go back and wait."

"Okay," Mom said.  "You need windshield wiper blades, don't you?  Why don't you come in?"  I brought my food and came in.  I continued working on my fries while the mechanic on desk duty spoke on two phones at once.  "Why don't you tell him what kind of blades you need?"

"He's kinda busy," I said.  "The guy at Pep Boys said my car took a 22" and a 17" windshield wiper.  I do need the whole thing now, because one is broken."  I finished my fries.

"He's off the phone now," Mom said.  I turned just as the mechanic escaped from the desk and immediately went into the bays.

"I'm not waiting for him to come back.  Are you seriously going to stay here rather than ride in the back seat?"

"Yes."  The line (Milton's?) of Lucifer's, "Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven," came into my head.  "They said it would only be a few more minutes, and I don't want to sit in the back seat."  I headed home, pondering how insane my mother is.

I finished my supper and escaped up to my room.  And that brings us to the present time.  I know I'm hideously behind on soap opera recaps.  I was hoping that DeRoAholics Anonymous would put up more AWZ videos, but they've been re-posting clips with music substituted so people in Germany, where the music was blocked, can hear them.  The people in Germany can watch the show on their very own televisions at 19:05 every weekday.  Odds are they understand German, too, so they wouldn't even need English subtitles.  I'm impatient over it because I want more clips of other episodes subtitled.  Just a week or two ago I was grateful to have any subtitles, and now I want clips of newer episodes.  My gratitude didn't last so long, though I'm sure I'll be grateful again when I see what the characters said more recently.

Monday real life was pretty busy, and then Tuesday I read GhosTV twice, which took up my whole day, pretty much.  It's not that I wasn't dealing with gay characters.  I was completely immersed in dealing with gay characters, including some real-life people who are quite the characters themselves.  Just none of them happened to be der Hase.  Sorry, Bunny. 
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