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off to meet prospective roommate

After the GLBT coming-out stories meeting, I headed to [much closer to Philadelphia] to meet my prospective roommate, R.A.  I got there by seven, when her social worker, C., was supposed to be there.  There was a gray-haired man there watching TV with R.  I thought that R. said "He works here."  He didn't speak much to me, but kept focused on the TV through Jeopardy and well into Wheel of Fortune, when C. got there.

R. was happy to leave the TV on, and have her elderly male friend stay, but I said to C. that the TV would distract me and that I didn't want to discuss personal things with a strange man there.  C. was talking to the strange man, not strange to her, about paratransit, and other things for people with disabilities.  "Oh, is he a client of yours?" I asked.  Not directly, C. said, but her organization had been involved in helping him find housing.

R. was having various panic attacks when we talked before C. got there, and during the discussion she and C. and I had together.  C. told her to go take her anti-anxiety meds.  C. helped me figure out finances.  It will be very tight financially for me to move there, but I said I'd get extra work one way or another to help me cover bills.  A family friend of R.'s, P., came over to give R. her spending money.  P. seemed to like me.  I guess I come across as gentle.

I said that since Mom wasn't having her knee replacement February 1st that I could move in by mid-February.  I told Mom that she'd need to get another health coach, since I wouldn't be there.  I think R. and I will get along okay.  She seems like a pretty gentle person.  C. and P. said that R. needs some tough love sometimes.  I'm sure I can provide that, too.  I'm sure I'll have much more to say about how it all goes.

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