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Sunday real life

Well, I slept a lot of it.  Saturday night, I looked in on the Chrolli channel several times, and belatedly invited a few gay romance fans to chat.  KC checked in at some point, but I think we missed each other by about half an hour, so I'll have to e-mail him.  I read through the book version of Zero Hour, and I like it.  I still need to read to compare it to the serialized version, but the book version moves much faster.

Today I figured I'd better get out this afternoon, before I got snowed in any more.  (It's supposed to storm again soon.)  It took a while of running the motor to try to get out of the snow, and sliding back and forth, and a little shoveling by the front wheels, but I finally got my car free.  I called H. and S. and asked if they'd like to go out as a change of scene.  They didn't answer, so I left messages, and I'll e-mail them, too.

I headed to the really big used book store.  I examined the map of the interior, and ventured up to the second floor.  The stair railings are pretty good, and I used my cane.  I wasn't feeling terribly like serious book shopping, though.  I've been too broke for too long this month.  I would just as soon have merely sat by the wood stove, petted the bookstore cats, and shot the breeze.  I had looked at the garden book section first, and I looked again.  I'm trying to get rid of a lot of books in my cleanup work, too, so I didn't want to buy much because of that, either.  I don't want it all to be totally counterproductive.

I ended up getting Time-Life books about flowering houseplants and foliage houseplants.  It doesn't particularly matter to me how old the books are.  These had lots of color pictures and were in good shape.  I just wanted something to look at that had color pictures of the plants, and little descriptions, and those books look like they will work fine for that.  I really don't think too many plants have been added to the common houseplant repertoire in the last few decades.  Some that the Victorians tried have become more popular again.  The Victorians tried hundreds, perhaps thousands, of plants as houseplants.

So at least I got out of the house.  Even if I wasn't in shopping mode, unusual for me, I got that change of scene I wanted so badly.


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