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Really, there wasn't much Thursday for me.  I didn't sleep Wednesday night, and I was worried about having a bad insomnia thing, but then I slept all day.  We were snowed in again anyway, so I don't think I missed much.  I caught up on soap operas.  There's a promo video for the Gays of Our Lives event in Los Angeles:  It shows Thore and Jo in some beefcake poses, a couple of which I recognized from VL scenes.  At least two of the photos of Jo were ones that A. had sent me.  I didn't recognize the other folks featured.

R.A. called, but I was asleep.  She said that C. had canceled because she couldn't get there due to snow.  When I woke, I called R.  She was hoping to reschedule for Monday night or Thursday day.  I have things going on then.  I said maybe Monday day, or Tuesday, or Friday, and told her we'd talk tomorrow.  I would like to get together with her, but it's a heck of a drive, and I wasn't going to do it when it was snowing.  The snow removal guys didn't get here until 1:00, and that's when Dad went to work, when the driveway was cleared.  The university where Mom works closed, and they very seldom close.  Mom was supposed to work 2-10, so she was ecstatic.

I asked Mom whether she'd minded being snowed in for two days.  She'd slept a lot of yesterday anyway.  I think she just relaxed and read much of today.  She said she hadn't minded at all.  In fact, she'd enjoyed having a break.  I just tried my best to get through it and keep myself entertained.  I have a lot of work to do.  Last year when we were snowed in for three(?) days, I was happy enough to be working, and have plenty of food, and shelter.  I haven't been in a particularly happy mood this week.  Being sick was a good part of that, I'm sure.

I'm trying hard to stay in a fairly level frame of mind.  I'm able to concentrate pretty hard on some things, but I'm more scattered than I'd like for others.  I think I'll be better again once I get out of the house and do some fun things.

Added: I finished a line edit of a novella.  I loved the story.  I'd already done a good first read-through and formatting check.  I'd just wanted to read through it again to catch anything else.  It should be out early February.

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