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AWZ Tuesday

Axel was still tied up and gagged, and not in a good way.

Claudia talked to Katja.  Claudia next came into the trainer's office, where Roman was working, put her hand on his shoulder, and gave him the training schedule she'd made for Katja.  Roman was royally pissed.  First of all, what makes the evil blackmailing bitch think she's allowed to touch him?  (Well, that was my first thought.)  Roman was very angry that she'd made up Katja's training schedule, since he's the trainer and all.  They argued about Katja's training and how Katja was doing.  Richard came up, and they presented their points of view.  Richard agreed with Claudia.

Ingo tried to console Tom, and played guitar for him.  Tom was semi-consoled.  Somewhere in there, he said he was a loser, though.

Katja skated badly, with Roman and Claudia there for her training.  Claudia kept shouting encouragement to Katja.  Roman was still mad, but trying to help Katja.  Katja finally skated off in a huff.  Whatever.  Next we saw of Katja, she'd gotten into her little green car.  I cheered.  She couldn't get the car going.  Claudia called and asked Katja where she was going.  Katja said what sounds like "vec" but is really apparently "weg."  ("Away."  I was losing hope, but I still had a half-hearted cheer.

Ingo was in the interior part of the fry stand, playing his guitar.  Tom was on the phone, asking to speak to his father.  Tom saw a sign that said something about the Himalayas and wurst.  Apparently they were having Ingo "entertain" while raising money for Tom to go to the Himalayas.  Tom told his father or father's secretary that he didn't need to speak to his father after all.

I'm still holding a grudge against Ingo for some sexism of his and for his homophobic "comedy" when he wanted to be a comedian.  He has his moments of being a grownup, but mostly not.  Also, I'd thought Frank being mocked and roughed up by the whole hockey team when she originally tried out as Franziska was a dream sequence, that in real life, someone -- like Ingo -- would have put a stop to it.  When I found out that it wasn't just a fear of Franzi's, that it had really happened, I was shocked that it was allowed to happen.

Max stopped by the hospital, just when Axel managed to make enough noise knocking things over to draw attention.  Max and the policeman went in, and Max pulled the gag off Axel.  Axel said what had happened, and Max and the policeman rushed back out, leaving Axel still tied up.

Axel was next seen at No. 7, dressed in a police track suit, and attempting to tell Marian his woes.  He drank some liquor, then Marian learned that Axel had no money.  He put a pair of yellow rubber gloves on the bar and told Axel to go in the kitchen.  My impression was that Axel had gotten ordered to wash dishes.  (Hee.)

Max went to the Bergmann flat and told Lena to take Alexander to the Nordsee (North Sea).  I'm a little confused as to why the North Sea is such a safe place, especially in winter.  Anyway, Max had two bodyguards there to guard Lena while she packed and presumably take her and Alexander away.  Max gave Lena a little exposition.  Lena seemed confused, too, but promised to take Alexander away, since there was danger.  Max later sent Frau Scholz out of the villa, too.

Claudia found Katja sulking in her inert little green car, and gave her a perky pep talk.  Katja seemed sullen and not really listening, but then at the end she turned to her mother and said something about her pirouette.  I lost hope that Katja was leaving anytime soon, which made me a little sulky, too.

I thought Rafael was selling Axel's car to someone.  Anyway, Rafael took out a bunch of euros, and was next seen looking at a sniper rifle that the guy he'd been talking to had in his trunk.  I thought Germany had strict gun control laws, that you couldn't just buy a sniper rifle out of someone's car trunk.  No background check, no seeing if the person is a felon?  I don't think buying a sniper rifle out of someone's trunk is legal even here in America.

Detective Koch called Max.  Max did a dramatic taking-his-arm-out-of-the-sling move.  I guess it would have been a dramatic cutting of his hair, but Max's greasy-looking gelled-back hair is a trademark Max thing.  Max closed the drapes in the villa, and struck dramatic poses with his pistol.  He heard a noise, and got ready to shoot, but it was really only Vanessa, innocently moving about the villa.  Did he not call her to warn her about the danger and all?  Anyway, Max's finger was pulling back on the trigger.  Eyeflash. 

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