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AWZ -- catching up -- Monday

Also, a new channel with subtitles:  I'm very happy about knowing what Deniz and Roman are actually saying.  My guesses as to the gist of it weren't too bad, but it's so much better getting the actual dialogue.

Monday: Ben and Katja stupidity continued, with Katja leaving the locker room in a huff after slapping Ben.  Whatever.  Annette saw Katja leaving the Center and tried to talk with her, but Katja continued to storm out in her huff.  She had a line about Ben that I think was "Er kannst mich mal."  I think that might be along the lines of "Du kannst mich mal," which is very rude.

Max and Richard met up as Max got off the Center elevator.  "What are you doing here?" Richard asked.

"I work here," Max replied.

Max and Richard had a good time laughing at Axel and his preoccupation about eating hermetically-sealed food.  I think Max said that something was an old Argentinian recipe.  (Hee.)  Richard turned in the doorway and said, "Boo!" to Axel.  Axel threw his hoarded wurst away.

Tom and Ingo continued to work on the engine, which was still in the middle of the Bergmann flat.  Annette came in.  Tom and Ingo were in triumph.  Covered with oil, but in triumph.  Ingo got in the bathtub.  Annette came into the bathroom, too, in her fuzzy yellow bathrobe.  We know what that means.  Only not this time, as Ingo said "klein Zadek" and "kaput" in the same sentence.  Apparently neither Zadek or "klein Zadek" were up for it.

Axel heard something about Rafael, and ran out to ask what was up with that.  Constanze and Brigitte, always on top of the news, filled him in.

Annette started talking to the engine, asking what it had that she didn't have.  Lena and Annette discussed it.  The older Bergmann sisters totally sparkle together.

Annette came around just when Ingo and Tom had put the engine in the van, and offered food.  Tom said he had to go to the hospital to tell Isabelle that Uncle Erhardt was dead.  Isabelle continues to be all pale and noble, there in her hospital bed, but I still hold a grudge.  Present injury does not excuse past evil.  Tom told Isabelle about the plan to scatter Uncle Erhardt's ashes from the Himalayas.  I think Isabelle called Uncle Erhardt an old hippie.

Ingo tried to talk Annette around.  At first she wasn't having it, but then she gave in.  Meanwhile, the big container of oil Ingo had turned upside down over part of the engine was still gurgling.  Annette said it was weird having Uncle Erhardt's ashes (which are still in the urn that Tom drew a smiley face on) in the van with them when they were having sex, so Ingo put it outside the van, then ran and put it in the bushes.  I figured they'd forget to get the urn again, and take off without Uncle Erhardt.  Either that, or forgetting about pouring oil all over the engine would be a bad thing.

Axel dressed as a doctor, and sneaked past the policeman posted by Rafael's door.  Not so difficult, as the policeman was sitting doing crosswords or some such.  Max cleared out Rafael's locker, and found the picture of the two Argentinian boys.

Annette and Ingo kissed goodbye, with Tom in the driver's seat, ready to set out for the Himalayas.  They managed to start the van, then the van went kaput, and they noticed the huge puddle of oil under it.  Oops.

Simone called Max.  Max was still worried about Rafael, I think.  Axel haltingly tried to explain that he had a grudge against Max, too, and that he and Rafael could work together against Max.  Next we saw of Axel, he was tied to the hospital bed and gagged.  Eyeflash.  (And also, hee.)

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