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Tuesday real life -- feeling better

Got out to run a couple errands and go to the library to get those Georgette Heyer mysteries.  I found two or three that Jules Jones had reviewed or logged, and another couple that I think are later books with Inspector Hannasyde.

Spoke to Mom, and said I was thinking of getting my hair done.  She told me I shouldn't do it, to think of the fumes and how they might upset my stomach again.  I decided not to.  I said to her it wasn't that I was obeying her, just that I made the decision myself.  I'll get it done soon, though, because I don't like the brown and gray mix it naturally is now.

Mom asked to take my car out tonight for the rector's book discussion.  It's a special Tuesday book club since it's a joint one with the regular church book club and the priest's book discussion group.  I was not happy.  Not that I want anything to happen to Mom, you understand.  I said, "So you want to take my car out at night and drive where you know there are tons of deer.  It's like you think my car is disposable.  I don't have the money to get it fixed, and it's not like I could drive your car in the meantime if anything happened to mine."

Mom told me to stop it.  "That's how I feel," I said.  They use my car for all the long-distance trips, and Mom wanted Dad to have my car for at least one day this week so he could get maintenance on his.  That leaves me at home, though it certainly doesn't matter to her, because I work at home anyway.  "Can't you use Dad's car?" I asked.

"He gets home too late."  Actually, he doesn't.  He gets home between 6:15-6:30, and the rector's book discussion starts at 7:00.  I realize that I'm just being cranky, and panicked about being stuck home and isolated for days on end.  I know I'm being irrational, but it's still how I feel.  (Added: Mom's taking her own car.)  There's supposed to be a storm tomorrow, so I probably won't get out then.

Thursday I'm supposed to meet with the prospective roommate I've been talking about, R.A., her social worker C., and her cousin.  Mom isn't getting her knee replaced on February 1st now.  She said it would be at least a month or more later.  I just found this out yesterday afternoon, after I talked to C.  I'm not waiting.  I called C. today and said I'd have the money to move in by the second half of February.

I called S. this afternoon, and he actually answered his phone.  I was in shock.  We talked about getting together maybe on Friday.  We'll see as the week progresses.  I told him to look at some of the funny links I'd sent him.  He says he saves them for when he needs a laugh.

So today was kind of mixed.  I feel better physically, but I'm cranky about being very broke until February, and just generally cranky, I think.  I'm looking forward to getting out of the house and doing free things as much as possible these next couple of weeks.

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