neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

real life Monday -- sick

I don't know if I made a note about Dad on Saturday, but he passed on his case of the stomach virus from hell to me.

I left messages that because of that I wouldn't be able to make it to the university's GLBT organization "Welcome Back" party.  I'll catch up with S. sometime later this week.

Added: I did note that Dad was very sick on Saturday.  I seem to have the exact same thing he had.  Hopefully it's run a good bit of its course by now, twelve hours later.  On those occasions I've been on the computer today, I've mostly been lying on the bed with the laptop, because I've been too weak and shaky to sit up at the desk.  During those times I've been in my room, I've been just lying on the bed and not doing anything else much of the time.

So yeah, recap of Monday's episode of AWZ either much later tonight or tomorrow sometime.  I got as far as Katja and Ben stupidity, and saw the start of a scene with Tom and Ingo working on the engine that's in the middle of the Bergmann flat.
Tags: medical

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