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Well, Saturday night well into Sunday morning.  Jules Jones had reviewed The Moving Finger (, and I thought it sounded interesting.  I got it from Google e-books.  I read it at the computer, and saved it onto my e-reader.  I couldn't find it again on my e-reader.  When I went back and read Jules' review again, I saw that she said all the Agatha Christie e-books had DRM.  This one's an acsm(?) file.  I followed the instructions for downloading a Google e-book onto an e-reader, but it said it wasn't authorized.  I'm annoyed that I can only read the book at the computer, now that I have an e-reader.  Well, now I've learned.

I enjoyed the book itself.  Jules (and/or the book description) said it was from the perspective of an injured RAF pilot, so I thought that would be a neat viewpoint.  I'm such a sucker for wounded veteran stories.  Jerry mentioned his disabilities rather offhandedly, more offhandedly than he actually felt about them.  He was supposed to recover completely, but was impatient for that to happen.  He'd already been recuperating for a long time.  I admired the way Agatha Christie created a narrator's voice, but showed things about him and other people in the village through the dialogue.  This was a Miss Marple mystery, but she shows up late.

It took me quite a while to get over The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and I read that for a mystery literature course in college.  I reasoned that she wouldn't do that again.  I'd read a few Hercule Poirot books since then, and seen a couple of episodes of the TV series.  I don't know if I'd read any Miss Marple mysteries before, although I suppose it's possible I have.  I know there were a few seasons of a Miss Marple TV series.

Jules seems to be reading a fair amount of mysteries lately.  There were a lot of science fiction stories also in her reading list, though perhaps that was more the earlier part of 2010.  This is probably the first time I've gone out to find one of the books I hadn't read before.  I'm pretty sure I'd read some of the science fiction stories already, or books by the same authors, at least.  I enjoy the reviews, though, and might look for more of the mysteries.  The good thing about the mysteries is that they should be at the library.

Added: I looked around for the mysteries by Georgette Heyer, and they're at the county library here or otherwise in the county library system.  I took a look at ManyBooks (, which my brother had recommended to me, and found a book by Canon Ellacombe.  I found several other of his books on Google, and downloaded the gardening books.
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