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AWZ Friday

Various Steinkamp stuff.

The scene I was waiting for: Franzi and Florian lying next to each other, each thinking their own thoughts.  Florian: "It was good."  (Or, possibly, "I was good.")

Franziska: "Is that all?"  Their private thoughts continued alternating for a while.  It seemed clear that Florian had enjoyed it more than Frank had.  I don't think it was fireworks for Franzi.

Next we saw of the pair, Flo was dressed again, and Frank was back in her bathrobe.  Ingo called to remind Flo that ice hockey training was in five minutes.  "And bring Frank," Ingo said.  I could imagine that Franzi would be a little sore.  I wouldn't think she'd be particularly up for the idea of ice skating right then.

Roman was in quite a lot of the episode, which was good.  Some of it was with Katja, and she really dragged things down.  Katja was talking about going to Canada.  "I'll have a world-class trainer," she said.  That did not go over well.

"World-class trainer?  And what am I?"  I think Roman also asked if he was a second-class trainer.

"I didn't mean it that way, Roman," Katja said.

"Good luck in Canada," Roman said, and got into the elevator.  The elevator doors closed on Katja still saying she hadn't meant it that way.

Annette and Roman were at the Bergmann flat having coffee or tea in oversized mugs and talking it over.  Katja came in while they were talking and had a big self-pity party.  I wanted more of the pessimistic Hase.

Claudia blackmailed Richard so he would send her and Katja to Canada.  She even gave him her calculation of expenses.  "Katja can go," Richard said.  "But I'm not paying for you."  There was much talk about separating business from private life.  I recognized the word "trennt" in there a few times.  Richard said that about separating them to Ben, Claudia said it to Richard, and Richard said it to Claudia.  Claudia was perhaps defeated for the moment, but clearly plotting right away about how she could blackmail people to get her way.

Florian and Franzi continued the awkwardness, although Flo is trying really hard.  He left the group of hockey players to say hi to Franzi, who was sitting on one of the comfortable chairs by the Center's bar and near the pool, and drinking a girly drink.  Some stilted conversation ensued about how Franzi was going home and Flo was helping Deniz at the bar.  Florian gave Frank a kiss and went to leave, then turned back and said, "It was really beautiful/good with you."

That's exactly what Olli said to Christian after their first time together, that it was "echt schoen."  (VL episode on March 17, 2008.)  Christian thought so too, but the thought terrified him and he went back into denial for a couple of weeks.

Roman told Deniz that it had been really beautiful for him, when Deniz was in the shower after their first time together, and asked Deniz if it had been okay for him.  Deniz asked Roman if he ever shut up, and pulled him into the shower for their second time.  Laughing and shower sex ensued.  Apparently Deniz was quite happy with his first time, but Roman was experienced, and I'm sure he made it good for Deniz. 

Katja skating with Roman training her.  She was skating horribly, and saw Ben watching from the office.  He closed the blinds.  Roman told Katja to concentrate.

The sparkle came back with Florian and Deniz discussing Flo and Franzi's first time together.  Put Deniz with the Wilds, and there's crazy amounts of sparkle.  Deniz was again trying not to crack up.  He gave Florian advice.  Despite Deniz' experience with women, including apparently being a fantastically good callboy for the cougar who hired him, he still knows nothing about taking a woman's virginity.  I'm quite sure Flo doesn't want to hear about Deniz' experiences with Roman, as adventurous and sizzling hot as they are.

Meanwhile, Franzi was discussing it with Roman.  She said that it had been okay, then expanded on that.  I think she said something along the lines of there not being fireworks.  Roman was listening sympathetically, and contributing to the conversation, but I wondered what exactly he could tell Franzi.

The one time Roman possibly had sex with a woman, Annette, they were very drunk and both had complete blackouts the next morning, so it was unclear whether they'd done anything, and if they had, they didn't remember any of it.  Annette pointed out that even if they had done something, it certainly hadn't changed Roman's sexual orientation.  They got over the awkwardness pretty quickly then, though for a few days they were reassuring each other that nothing had happened.

I'm sure if I saw a translation of what Roman said to Franzi, I'd appreciate it more.  He's good at communication, especially communication about emotions.  He's an empathetic person.  Still, I struggled a little with him talking to a young woman about how she physically felt her first time.  I don't know if Franzi will talk it over with Vanessa.  I think the thing there is that Vanessa's first time was with Ben, as far as I know.

As much as Deniz and Roman love each other, they can be quite matter-of-fact discussing sex, even very blunt.  Roman is being sensitive with Franzi.  Deniz is not particularly being sensitive when discussing sex with Florian.  Then again, I don't think Florian would get it if the person he was confiding in wasn't blunt with him.  My impression is that Flo is avoiding thinking about certain aspects of Roman and Deniz' very physical relationship.  He's seen them cuddle with each other, and kiss each other.  It's established that they're versatile, and when the show has gone there onscreen, Roman has topped Deniz.  I think it would hurt Florian's brain to learn that much in the way of Deniz and Roman's sex life.

Back to this episode, Isabelle was all noble about how her sponsorship should go to Katja.  Katja told her mother that it wasn't fair.  Claudia said, "Was it fair when Isabelle doped you?  Was it fair when she cut your foot with the blade of her ice skate?"  At least someone remembers these things.  Ben was sullen about signing the sponsorship over to Katja.  He went to leave, and of course Katja had to say more.  Ben replied, and Katja slapped him.  Eyeflash.  *Yawn*

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