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Friday -- dinner out

I've posted about how terribly I'd missed H. when she was home for the summer, and then away in Norway for her semester abroad.    The students started classes on Tuesday.  We were going to get together for lunch on Wednesday, but we both overslept -- or perhaps she was taking a nap then.  So we rescheduled for dinner today.

I brought a couple of bags of books to donate to the GLBT organization, and put them by the office door.  H. called L., who said he'd put them in the office.  I called my secret love child, who never answers his phone anyway, and said that I'd brought books.  Maybe there are some he can get dibs on.  I'll give him the bag of erotica, Best Gay Romance and Best Gay Love Stories to pick through.  I don't think I'll even take that to the office.  He can just come to the house and get that bag.

H. said she'd gotten a job dressing up as the Statue of Liberty (I took her to mean in one of those foam costumes) and dancing around.  It sounded like the perfect job for her.

H. and I headed out, and told her she might like the CD I had in the CD player, mostly "The Essential Pansy Division," plus the title song from "That's Gay."  She really, really liked it.  It was so nice to have someone who would fully appreciate it.  She was dancing in the passenger seat.  "I got paid for dancing this afternoon, but you get dancing for free," she said.

"So you're my private dancer," I said.  "And you're giving me a freebie."  We cracked up.  "I missed you," I said.

"I missed you too," H. said.

We went to a Chinese food buffet.  H. said she was really hungry from all the dancing.  She ate well.  I had some sushi and some Chinese food, then strawberry-glazed bananas and a piece of fried dough.  "Ooh, there's a chocolate fountain," H. said.  I got a couple of chocolate-dipped apple slices, and a chocolate-dipped marshmallow.

I took her back to the house for a bit.  There was a Weiss Kreuz yaoi T-shirt that I'd gotten but not worn.  It had Yohji and Aya rather tangled up, kissing, and I just hadn't especially had a good occasion to wear it.  H. said she'd wear it, so I gave it to her.  During my room cleanup, I'd found various buttons I used to wear, mostly with little sayings about bisexuality.  She took several, and put the "Half Gay" one on right away.  She took the "Militant Homosexual" button, too.  "Give that to S. or somebody," I said.  She assured me that it would go to someone who would appreciate it.

I gave her flowering tea.  She'd heard of it, and said it was fun to watch them open.  She said she'd share with L.  I said L. had taken a whole bunch at the end of last semester, saying that he and his partner drank tea all the time.  I gave H. enough that I finally said she could share it with L., too.  I guess it would be awkward for H. to drink it all herself, since they're roommates.  H. says L. is a great roommate.  I was wondering how they could do that, but since L. is female-bodied and still legally has his "girl-name," I suppose it worked out okay for the powers-that-be at the university.

It was so great to be with someone who I could laugh with, and talk to, and who appreciates the same kinds of things I do.  I had missed that so much.  H. was totally into the things I was sharing with her, and enjoyed them very much.  It's such a good feeling to have a friend like that.  Not that I don't have online friends like that, but having a real-life friend who has your kinds of interests and that you can hang out with is special.
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