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AWZ Thursday

First thing we saw in today's episode was Marian having sex with Jessica and seeing Jenny.  That might explain why he said, "I love you."  I'm finding it really pretty creepy that Marian isn't doing too well distinguishing between them.  On the bright side, at least Marian still has his own bedroom.

Richard was thinking about Simone, then Axel burst in.  Something about the licensed center thing, which I didn't understand too well.  Axel's aphasia doesn't help, but I wouldn't have gotten much in any case.  There was stuff about Katja being the only good skater the Center has, and Richard saying something about Isabelle still being in the hospital.  When Richard said "Axel" and "Geld" in the same sentence later in the show, I understood that Axel wanted money.  I should have known.

Deniz and Roman came back home late.  Deniz held Roman back from entering, and listened at the door of the flat so he could hear if there was anything still going on.  I think he said he didn't want to go in if they weren't finished.  Roman thought they'd be finished.  Exasperated, Roman said that he and Deniz had been dancing and drinking cocktails and several other things, and I have the feeling that he was ready to go back into their apartment and get some sleep.

Roman took the key from Deniz, and they "stealthily" crept in.  Roman poked Deniz, and they went back and forth a bit until Deniz saw that Roman was pointing at the couch.  Roman and Deniz went up to the couch to see Florian and Franzi sleeping with their heads at opposite ends of the couch and both fully dressed.  Deniz and Roman had a "did they or didn't they" discussion.  Roman went so far as to lift the blanket up off Florian's lap to see if he could tell anything.  Deniz told him to mind his own sex life, and Roman was quick enough to follow Deniz to their bedroom.

(Added: The dialogue was hilarious:  Thanks, DeRoAholics Anonymous.  Much love to you new translator people and appreciation for how hard you're working to share the sparkle.)

Richard was the exposition boy for a while in a scene with Ben, explaining the Rafael stuff, and that Simone just wanted to get away for a while.  Katja told Claudia that she wanted to move to Canada.  I cheered.  I know it's not going to happen, but I'm going to pretend to have hope.

Night to sunrise and day montage.  Back at the Wild-Ozturk flat.  Roman looked down at the couch again, and said that Flo and Franzi looked like innocent little angels.  Roman and Deniz were still wondering whether they'd done it.  Frank woke up, and Roman offered her coffee.  She was just adorable all touseled.  They offered her rolls, but she cut out of there very quickly, saying she had school.

Deniz and Roman swung around the couch to sit on either side of Florian.  He said that they decided it wasn't the right time.  Roman couldn't believe it -- they'd had candles, roses, the flat all to themselves for hours...

Claudia and Richard stuff.

Marian talked to Ingo and Tom, who ordered coffee at No. 7.  They said that the kitchen wasn't really functional.  I think there was some about how they were working on the engine.  Deniz came in, and Tom and Ingo took off to be grease monkeys again.  Deniz talked to Marian again, and confirmed that Marian and Jessica were on really good terms.  It's not like they did anything Marian hadn't already paid Jessica for.  This time he got a freebie.  I'm unimpressed with the Marian/Jessica/Marian confusing Jessica with Jenny plot.  The only bright spot is the Deniz and Marian scenes.

Vanessa called Frank, and Frank started to explain her evening.  Frank was in a bathrobe, with her hair tied up in a towel.  Someone knocked on the door.  Franzi answered it.  It was Florian, who apparently thought that Franzi looked pretty hot in a bathrobe.  They quickly decided that it was the right time for their first time, especially since Franzi actually has a bedroom.  Florian has never been shown in his own bedroom, so presumably that set doesn't exist.  I don't think even Deniz and Roman have a bedroom set anymore, or maybe it's in storage for the right time.

So yes, there they were in the bedroom.  Flo went to put on a condom.  Frank conveniently had had one in her diary.  He ripped it.  It turns out that Franzi had conveniently actually stashed two condoms in her diary.  Well, it's better to be safe.  I think Florian enjoyed the proceedings much more than Frank did.  At what might have been Florian's climax or close to it, Frank's eyes were darting from side to side, and she didn't look all that comfortable.

Sort of an awkward afterglow, where the first thing Franzi said was that it had been "komisch."  It was Flo's turn to have darting eyes.  I think Frank clarified that she meant strange (as in different, I think) rather than funny.  They agreed that it had been okay.  Frank cuddled up on Flo's chest.  Flo did not look happy.  He'll probably have another talk with Uncle Deniz.  Deniz still has no idea about taking anyone's virginity, but he's had some experience with women.  We don't like to think about the fail of Deniz having relationships with women, although he had more chemistry with the woman who hired him as a callboy than any other woman.

I think Deniz just went the "I fall in love with who I fall in love with" route in explaining himself with the Vanessa!fail, which was kind of lame.  It could have been worse than that, I guess.  All the major characters on the show knew he'd had a relationship with Roman, so there was no denying his history.  Deniz also never stopped being physically attracted to Roman all along, through the Dark Years and everything.  I don't think Deniz ever called himself heterosexual, and if he did, no one believed him.  He said he wasn't gay with Roman in the room, and Roman rolled his eyes.  I think that was during the Dark Years.

Back to the present day, Claudia and Katja ran into Ben, Katja literally.  Awkward conversation ensued, though Ben told Richard that his relationship with Katja was purely professional.

Marian was wearing a gray or light blue shirt!  He was trying to fasten a tie, too.  But Marian wearing a color other than black!  It was momentous.  He's still confusing Jessica with Jenny though, and it's still creepy.

Annette was talking to Ingo on the phone when Axel came up to the frystand.  "Currywurst," he said, and handed her a sealed package of meat.  He watched while she cooked it, too.  Axel certainly remembers how Max poisoned him.  There's awful revisionist history sometimes, but I love it when the characters actually remember what happened before, and can visualize what might come next.  Roman is particularly notable for remembering what happened in the past, but apparently Axel can, too.

Annette and Axel saw Marian with Jessica.  Axel identified her by name, as a doctor.  Annette commented on how much she looked like Jenny.  It was totally unironic and just painful in its obviousness.

Stuff with Richard and Ben.  I think they were arguing about giving a sponsorship to Katja, since Isabelle certainly wouldn't be skating.  "But she's my wife and your daughter-in-law!" said Ben.  If she can't skate, she can't skate.  Claudia came in and said she'd give them one day -- for the sponsorship? -- or she and Katja would take their marbles and go home.  Or to another team.  I didn't really care, except to hope that they'd leave.  That was the eyeflash -- Richard/Claudia.

I'm just going to concentrate on what's going on with Florian and Frank, and enjoy Deniz and Roman counseling them.  I know Florian and Franzi will continue to do stupid teenaged stuff.  At least Deniz and Roman should continue to get entertainment out of it.  Florian's talks with "Uncle" Deniz are highly amusing.

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