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Thursday so far

I got to sleep around two-something, and woke at 12:30.  Mom was just about to leave for an evening shift at work.  She hates working 2-10 and driving home at night.  There are a lot of deer along the route she takes, and she's been pretty traumatized about driving at night since she hit a must be a couple of years ago now.  She won't take the winding back roads home for the drive from 10 to 11, but takes the main roads as much as possible, although it's a few miles longer that way.

I got rather distracted on the computer, but I had brunch, took my shower, and made it to an appointment on time.  I'm not quite sure when I'll graduate from using the shower chair.  I'm not strong enough -- and I don't think quite balanced enough -- to stand through a whole shower during which I wash my hair.  In some ways it's been a very slow recovery.  I need to do the exercises at home that the physical therapists left me with instructions for.  I've been getting very little of that in.

I'm okay for walking on flat surfaces, and even going up stairs isn't bad if I hang on to the railing.  Going down stairs is still sort of bad.  It's slow and it takes a fair amount of effort.  If I were doing those exercises I would have improved on that.  I can't stand for a long time, and I've done very little in the way of trying to lift or carry things, except for very light things, and especially not on stairs.  My body is already carrying a lot of weight on a small-boned frame.  I can't sit up at the computer for a long time at a stretch, especially not the way it's angled on my desk.  I was sedentary to start with, though, and except for descending stairs, I can do pretty much everything I did before I broke my ankle.

I had Flower Jewel tea when I got home.  It's one of my favorites.  It's jasmine-flavored white tea with an amaranth flower in the middle.  I had Starlight Rose tea yesterday, and I like that, too.  I made basmati rice and had some of the leftover chicken tikka masala with it.

My mental state is pretty good.  I'm still very determined to move out if I possibly can find somewhere I can afford.  Affording the place much nearer to Philadelphia won't be easy, but I'll see if I can make it happen somehow.  I haven't heard back from anyone about working as a companion, except for the ladies in the garden club saying that they didn't know of anyone who needed a live-in companion.

Mom keeps saying that she'll cancel her knee replacement surgery, then saying that maybe she'll get it done after all.  It's still scheduled for February 1st, as far as I know.  Mom hasn't told her boss yet.  She wants the orthopedist's office to just send him a letter to say she's getting it done.  She's got tenure, so she doesn't particularly have to worry that way, and the doctor will certainly say that it's medically necessary.  I told Mom that I might not be there if she schedules the surgery for another time.  She told me I couldn't afford to move away.  She might just have to get another "health coach" for herself if she continues to waffle about it for much longer.

The most distracting thing for me on the Internet this morning was Teddypig giving the dictionary definition of "effeminate" and then saying that certain old television characters and a book character were effeminate.  I could go on at great length on that subject, so that will be a different post.

I've been trying to remember where I saw a really good post saying that authors should never answer back to bad reviews -- I think they said that authors shouldn't answer reviews at all, or at least not in public, the Internet being public.  It was a link I followed from somewhere I usually read.  I searched for it last night, and couldn't find it.  It said that even if the author felt part of the review was inaccurate -- "the book didn't have a character named George" -- he or she should still not say anything.  The people who'd read the book, or read it more carefully, would know, and one of them might say something.

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