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Alles was zählt Wednesday

Last episode Max and Rafael were pointing guns at each other, and this episode they had a swordfight with lengths of pipe.  Simone set out to rescue Max.  Rafael had Max down and was pounding on him with the pipe when Simone hit Rafael over the head with the other pipe.  (Go, Simone!)  Later Simone felt awful about how Rafael had fooled her, and decided to leave town for a while.  Vanessa said she'd go with her.

Max ended up with a cute little bandage over one eyebrow and one of his arms in a sling.  He was still worried about what Rafael could do, though.  Here's betting that Rafael's skull is very tough and that he escapes from the hospital.  Detective Koch told Max not to worry.  Heh.

There was, thank God, no Ben, Katja or Isabelle this episode.  They just drag things down terribly, so it was refreshing to not have that.

Florian and Franziska decided that that evening would be their first time.  Both were very nervous, though Franzi talked it over with Vanessa and Flo got tips from Deniz.  I don't know if Florian knows for sure that Roman took Deniz' virginity, though Deniz was certainly eager to lose it and to make love with Roman.  Of course, Roman knew what he was doing.  He made it good for Deniz, I'm quite sure.

I found it ironic that Deniz was giving tips on taking someone's virginity.  Vanessa had already had sex with Ben before she and Deniz started their relationship fail.  Florian might have been better off talking to Roman, if he wasn't so squicked out about talking to his big brother about sex.

But there was Deniz Ozturk, giving Florian advice on how to make it romantic for Franzi.  He dumped a bag of candles in Florian's lap.  Florian put roses in a vase and rose petals on the table.  He pushed Roman and Deniz out the door as Frank came in.  Deniz protested that it was his flat right before they opened the door to Frank.

Roman and Deniz went down to No. 7, where Marian and Jessica were having an intense talk.  The guys went to leave again, but Marian told them to stay for dinner.  Like Roman, Marian is established as being a good cook.  I don't know where Deniz and Roman went after that, but I'm sure they knew to stay away from the flat for a while.

Flo offered Franzi champagne, and I think hit her with the cork as he uncorked it.  They ended up eating pizza, or trying to eat it using utensils.  "I can't cook," Florian explained.  They leaned over the table and kissed.

Next we saw of Flo and Frank, they were making out on the couch again.  They soon took off their shirts.  Florian was poised over Franzi, his lower half covered with a blanket.  He tried to open a condom, and Franzi took it from him and opened it for him.  Florian rather clumsily put it on, and moved his hips against Franzi's.  They heard moaning from the flat below.

Marian apparently still does have a bedroom on occasion, because it was Jessica riding him and moaning loudly.  It was the first time we'd seen Marian and Jessica have sex onscreen.  The noises they were making seemed to be ruining the mood for Florian and Franzi, though.  Well, even if Frank and Flo don't go through with it this time, I'm sure they will soon enough.  Florian is very eager, and Franzi seems pretty eager herself.

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