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AWZ Tuesday

I couldn't listen to the Katja/Ben/Isabelle stuff.  Katja skated and fell down.  This was apparently practice, though Roman and Claudia were elsewhere.  Claudia did say something to Katja about her axel when they were in the Steinkamp Center.

Rafael poisoned Simone, though perhaps she was acting like she was poisoned.  It was pretty confusing.  I think Max had flashbacks to things we hadn't seen actually happen.  I have been keeping up with AWZ.  Richard took off to save Max.  Max had a gun in his coat.  I don't know how Rafael could tie him up and not notice a pistol in Max's pocket.  The two of them circled around, talking and pointing guns at each other.  Francisco sold his part pretty well, the actor who plays Rafael not so much.  At least, that's what I got from the body language, since I didn't get much of the spoken language at all.  I heard it when Rafael/Antonio told Max he had no cojones.  I never took Spanish, but my Spanish is better than my German.

Florian and Frank's story continues on its goofy way, meanwhile.  They were making out in the locker room, and Flo had just enough sense to say that he didn't want her first time to be there -- or did she say that?  However, he told the hockey team that he'd had Frank in the locker room.  The boys were laughing about that at the Steinkamp Center bar, then by the pool.  Franzi, wearing an ironic "I'm here" T-shirt, told Roman that Florian's and her first time had been beautiful -- candles(?), music, very romantic.  Bunny said he was happy for her -- them -- and hopped away.

Next we saw of der Hase, he went into the weight room, where Florian was lifting weights.  Roman pushed the bar of the weights down against Florian's neck, and said that he didn't know whether to congratulate Florian or find him to be an idiot.  Florian gasped something out, and Roman let him up.  Hase said that Frank had said their first time had been very romantic.  Andy came in and said that Flo had said it had been in the locker room.  Franzi, still wearing her "I'm here" T-shirt, said it was none of Andy's business.  Roman tried to stifle a grin.  He summarized the stories, and then told them to get them straight.  Florian and Frank talked about it a bit, then kissed.

Bunny is sparkling in his role as one of Franzi's protectors.  He's her white knight.

Deniz was in the weight room next, struggling with a much heavier weight than Florian had used, when someone spotted him easily.  Deniz sat up, and saw it was Marian.  Marian apologized for being such a jerk the previous night.  I think Deniz said, "That's what you always say."  Deniz was clearly still very hurt.  He started using some flex thing to work his biceps.  Marian said he'd talked it out with Jessica.  I don't really remember, though I'm sure I said something about it in a previous entry.

They went to turn away, then Marian said, "Deniz" at the same time Deniz said, "Daed."  They hugged.  I'm not sure how Marian felt about having a hot sweaty Deniz hugging him, but I would have been happy.  I remembered that "tall, gleaming slice of Turkish delight" description the EKP ladies used once to describe Deniz.

The scene felt kind of stuck in there to advance the Jessica plot, but it was still really good acting.  Also, it's hard to go wrong with a scene in which Igor looks like a weight room fantasy.

The episode ended with Max not being able to shoot Rafael down, and then Rafael hitting Max with a pipe, but I didn't really care.  I was still happily thinking of the "Turkish delight."

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