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AWZ Monday

Mostly I just watched the parts with Deniz and Roman, because, really, what else is there?

Max almost escaped, except that Rafael found that Max had freed himself from his duct-tape.  Rafael poisoned Simone.  I can't even watch the Rafael and Simone scenes.  Well, if Simone survives, she'll know that Rafael is the enemy.  I guess I'm partly disillusioned because Rafael seemed like a more-or-less nice guy, and I really liked Rafael/Lena.  The actor is much better playing a pleasant character than a villain.  Nice Rafael was so much more convincing to me.  The actor who plays Max (Francisco?) is doing a fine job on his end of things.

I fast-forwarded through a lot of the Ben/Isabelle stuff and the Ben/Katja stuff.  I am so much more than over it.  Marian's scenes with just Jessica pretty much sucked, too, as Marian threw money at Jessica, then had a flashback to doing just that to Jenny.  Sam is quite a good actor, but the plot is so damn repetitive, and Marian is being such a stalkerish asshole.

There was just enough Wild brother and Deniz after-dinner cleanup cameraderie to establish some sense of normality in that household before Marian came in.  Deniz asked if he'd forgotten something.  I think Marian said he'd forgotten what a liar Deniz was.  After some harsh words, Deniz asked what he was supposed to do, let his dad drink himself into a stupor to forget Jenny?

"That's a great idea!" Marian said, and stomped out.  Deniz followed, but Marian kicked him out of No. 7, then when Deniz knocked and pleaded with his dad, Marian turned on loud music and started drinking.

Roman came out to find Deniz, and found him knocking on the window of No. 7, saying, "Bitte, Daed."

"There's nothing else you can do for him," Roman told Deniz.

Deniz went to No. 7 in the morning, to find Marian passed out on a padded bench as Jenny had been back in the day, jukebox still blaring.  He said that the loud music had kept them awake, and turned off the jukebox.  Deniz tried to talk to a very hungover and probably still mostly drunk Marian.  I think Marian asked Deniz to watch No. 7 for a bit, as Marian needed a shower.  "Oh, yeah," Marian said.  "You have that internship."  Not that we've seen Deniz working at the Steinkamp Center too much in the past few weeks, except to try to figure out what the aphasic Axel was saying.  Deniz got angry with Marian, and left.

Next scene with Marian was the one where Jessica came in and Marian threw money at her.  Did I already say that the Marian/Jessica plot was crappy?  Still, the Marian and Deniz scenes are great.  Roman is there providing Deniz with quiet emotional support, and those little scenes are beautiful, too.

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