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Monday real life -- quieter day today

I was very tired by Sunday evening.  I drove part of the way home, but my ankle really started to hurt after about an hour.  I'd been standing on it a lot Saturday and Sunday, plus it was stiff from the first couple of hours in the car.  We switched back over to having Dad drive again at a rest stop on the Turnpike near our exit.  I'd wanted to prove I could still drive for distance, but Mom said I didn't have to prove anything to them, and that the doctor and physical therapists had said to stop an activity if my ankle hurt too much.

It was good to see our relatives, even though part of it was a sad occasion, but I was very glad to get home.  I conked out by a little after midnight, and woke at 11:30 this morning.  I remembered what J.M. had told me about downloading videos, and tried it out.  I could download from YouTube.  I watched last Monday's episode of Alles was zählt again, in which Igor did such a fine job in his scenes with Sam(?), who plays Marian.  I was glad I'd gotten up in time to see those parts of the episode again.

I decided I'd better do something to get out of the house, at least for a little while.  It was cold, but I bundled up.  I decided to go to the local independent garden center.  It was rather cold in their greenhouses, too.  Above freezing, of course, and probably they keep it at least over 45 degrees for the tropical plants, but it wasn't so warm that I felt like taking my sweatshirts off.

I looked around at the flowering plants.  They had cyclamens for sale.  I remembered getting one when I worked as a nursing aide, and bringing it into the retirement home.  It was right above a heater, and I don't think it got watered much, so it died very quickly.  Somehow from that I got the idea that I couldn't grow cyclamens.  Anyway, I told myself that I shouldn't get something just because it was on sale.

African violets weren't on sale, but they had some nice ones, and they weren't too expensive.  I got a purple-flowered one and one with white flowers with a purple picotee.  They go well together.  I put them on the windowsill of my bedroom window.  The African violets I'd had there had died in the six months I wasn't able to get to that windowsill to water them.  It's nice to have live flowers in my room again.

The jasmine nititum is in bud again, and I hope a flower will open tomorrow or Wednesday.  Having the jasmine has raised my spirits tremendously.  We have a good number of live green plants in the house, and it's nice to have the greenery all along the windowsills, but I don't think anything else is in flower.  I hope to get the geraniums back in bloom soon.  Maybe if I keep watering them with water with rose and flower fertilizer in it, that will do it.

The sweet violets aren't in bloom, but at least they're still alive.  The edges of the outer leaves are crisped.  I'm not sure whether it was that I sprayed them with insecticidal spray and accidentally with deer repellent, or that I left them out in the sun for a few hours after I transplanted them.  It happened that day, anyway.

I'm not sorry I transplanted them, because they were in these little "plugs" and meant to be transplanted within the week after I got them.  They dried out very quickly in those plugs, too.  They dry out quickly in the larger pots I put them in, but at least they're good for a couple or three days after watering them.  The centers of them with the newer leaves look good, anyway.  I just hope to keep them alive on the windowsill until the soil outside warms up, then plant them out. 

I started Z.A. Maxfield's new book, Pharaoh's Concubine.  From the title, I thought it might be historical, but it's a contemporary.  I like a well-written contemporary.  I've read a lot of paranormal in my time, but I've read so many books with vampires and werewolves and other shapeshifters in them that the books need to be way above the average to impress me.  I guess I'm very jaded about paranormal.  I like a historical that's well-researched.  Poorly researched or unresearched historicals really get me when I see the errors.  I feel like I want my money back.  I guess authors figure that it's difficult to write an interesting contemporary, but that's not so.  I want the protagonists and their friends to have at least some idea of the issues of the day, but I don't think that's so hard to get right.

We're supposed to have sleet and freezing rain tomorrow, so I was very glad I went outside today.  Odds are that I won't feel ambitious about doing that tomorrow.

Probably more later...

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