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memorial service for my aunt

Aunt A. was my great-aunt, but such an important part of our family.  My brother said she was like another grandmother on that side, and I suppose that's one perspective.  She was twelve years younger than Grandma S., so to me she just seemed to be an aunt like my dad's sisters.  Aunt A. was never married, and gave her attention to her nieces and nephews, and great-nieces and nephews, during the holidays.  That's what I remember, anyway.

I said during the memorial service that one thing I thought of with her was the way she was such a big part of family celebrations, in the nicest way -- that she'd bring word puzzles and word games for us to work on at Christmas.  (We'd compete as little teams.  Dad's team usually kicked butt, because Dad can remember so much trivia.)  I think I made Aunt P.(T.) cry when I spoke of Aunt A.'s place with us during holiday celebrations.  Aunt P. may well have been crying already, though.  I was the only person in the audience who got up and spoke when we were asked if we wanted to say things.  I'm sure many other people would have had much to say.

It was a very beautiful memorial service, with hymns and readings Aunt A. had picked out.  There was a reception afterwards.  At his father D.'s direction, J.M. was taking pictures of various groupings of the family.  I said I especially wanted a picture with my brother, and with as many cousins as were there all together.  R. and P. were there, and J.W.  J.T. had been at the prayer service at her burial, so we'd seen him then.  T. is apparently working in Vermont now.  J.M. set a timer on the camera so he could get into the pictures of all of Aunt A.'s grand-nieces and nephews who were at the memorial service.  That was nice.  We got a picture of Mom and Dad and J. and me with Grandma S., and that was nice, too.

Aunt P.(S.) had told us to go up to the apartment and get what we wanted.  I got a tea kettle.  I don't like the ones with whistles, and it's nearly impossible to find one without one.  Aunt. A.'s even had little flowers on it.  Dad had already gotten the printer, which he thinks will work with our computers.  We shall see.  I'd like to get more family pictures.  I don't care if they're scanned reproductions, but I'd like to have pictures of more of Dad's side of the family in addition to immediate family.

Aunt A. had given J.M. his great-grandfather's pocket watch.  In addition to having been a computer science major, and into video editing, J.M. is very interested in watches and their mechanics.  That's how we got into those discussions of the general nerdiness of so many members of the family, and how some of us have it to a high degree.  Aunt A. was a math major who worked on early computers.

I said I was glad the watch went to someone who would appreciate it so much.  He also picked up the box of flowering tea I'd given Aunt A., because I'd posted about flowering tea a good bit.  Apparently that's becoming a new family tradition.  (Thanks, Jordan!)  It was good to see so many relatives, though it was a sad occasion.  In J.M.'s case, it was pretty much making a new friend, which is cool.  

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