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Friday real life

Quiet so far, but today was a day put aside for editing.  I got a good bit done, and I want to make serious progress on or finish a couple of other projects.

It's also a day to catch up on writing e-mails and sending messages elsewhere, such as AfterElton.

Added after midnight: Well, so far I got two editing jobs done.  I also pimped out the Rainbow eBooks featured author and publisher weekends for this week and the next:  I got the "Handcuffs" anthology because it had a Nicky & Brandon story in it.  I did remember to mention on AfterElton that "Technique" wasn't a worksafe story.  (Hee.)

I still need to work on a couple of projects, but they might travel along this weekend, for me to read on the laptop.  We'll be going to R.'s baby shower Saturday and Aunt A.'s memorial service on Sunday, both up in northern New Jersey.  I should really go to bed relatively soon, since the baby shower is at noon and it's a good two-and-a-half-hour drive.

I'm semi-freaked out that I've been giving my LJ address in a few places.  I'm not sure if people took note and are actually reading any of this, or if the great majority didn't follow up.  It's weird to think of people I don't know reading this.  I'm used to figuring it's just Jordan, Kris, LB and James (Buchanan) that read this.  S. and my brother J. might skim it occasionally.

I don't know.  I still think it's kind of funny that some of the readers of the LJ, even the occasional random person, are reading my AWZ recaps.  It's not like I speak German, so it's translating the occasional word or phrase, and otherwise guessing.  I suppose you could call them educated guesses, but I'm not so sure about that.  It's even funnier that people who don't speak German either think I'm getting it right for the most part.  Okay then.  Viel Spaß!

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