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Thursday real life

I was worried that I wouldn't sleep when I changed from sleeping on the couch to sleeping on my bed again.  After all, it had been several months since I slept in a bed.  I slept really well, though.  The covers didn't fall off as much, and I stayed a lot warmer.  I woke early and went back to sleep for a while.  I considered staying in, because it was supposed to be pretty cold out, but I figured I'd just be miserable if I stayed in the house all day, so I made myself go out.

I went to the secondhand bookstore.  I've been a long time recovering enough to do any work there, because I can't lift boxes or carry things back and forth too well.  My ankle was aching today, but I thought I'd see if I could do a bit.  V. was there.  She's something of an expert on the romances.  She's probably a lot better on straight romances than I am by this point.  V. reads the romantic suspense novels, too, and I've never read too many of them.

I managed to straighten out the romance shelves.  The category romance cart was a total mess, and I got that looking good and the books all in order.  I put out a bunch of new "Love-Inspired" romances we had.  Inspirational romances are very popular with some readers.  I imagine they don't have the sex in them that some modern romances do, and there's a lot of talk about God.  I read the ones with Amish characters because I'm interested in the culture, especially with it being so local to me.

I didn't do much in the way of lifting.  I pulled down a little box of category romances down from on top of another box that was on the floor, and kicked it along, leaning on the cane and my other leg.  That's how I'm handling full laundry baskets, too.  I'm not trying to lift them.  There was a new volunteer there, M.  She seems pretty nice.  When I was done with the category romances, I asked her if she could put the box back.  E.M. came in, and was glad to see me.  I had brought in a small canvas bag of books to donate, and she talked to me while I tried to find the places for them.  I didn't reply too much, because I was concentrating on balancing while I carried the hardcover books one at a time.

With the longer romances, I just carried two or three of the paperbacks at a time.  I was all right with that slight weight.  I thought I'd only get the category romances done, because I can sit on a stool and work on them.  I filled in the contemporary and historical shelves, too.  Oddly enough, the ache in my ankle lessened somewhat from what it had been when I first got there.

I decided that once I'd done those shelves, it was time to call it a day.  I'd been there for about an hour and a half, and was getting very tired.  E.M. thought I would have recovered much more quickly as far as working there, but I just didn't.  C.G. pointedly told me that it was a volunteer job, and I didn't have to do anything.  Carrying things around is still a challenge for me, and I certainly can't lift boxes.  I got out and saw friendly people, and met new people, and worked a little, so it was good for me.

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