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AWZ Thursday

In which nearly all of the characters appeared in one episode.  First Rafael and Max had a dramatic face-off with Max still duct-taped at wrists and ankles.  Rafael didn't shoot Max at that point, but took a vial out of his pocket and said something about drugs or poison(?).  I thought he was going to poison Simone, but that's apparently not the way it's going.  Rafael/Antonio found a picture in Max's wallet of two Argentinian boys together.  Max does have a sentimental side, apparently.

Max said that Rafael could do whatever to him, as long as Rafael didn't do anything to Simone.  Something like that.  Rafael knocked Max out and got his fingerprints on the vial.

Next scene was the hockey team singing to Florian.  I realized it was a cracky daydream when Florian snapped out of it.  Franziska forgave him, and they kissed.  Lena said, "Now, let's get back to yoga," and the rest of the team did.

Deniz said something like, "Come on, girls," referring to the rest of the hockey team.  "Girls" is still used as a put-down by even the supposedly more enlightened and adult male characters.

Next we saw of Florian and Frank, they were on the Wild-Ozturk couch making out.  It was getting hot and heavy.  Apparently it was a little too hot for Florian, because I think he came in his jeans.  I wondered if the show would actually go there, then I remembered I was watching Alles was zahlt, and that they probably would.

Florian made something up that put a halt to the action, and put a couch cushion over his lap.  Franzi apparently had no idea it was to hide the wet spot, but she's inexperienced like that.  Once she left, Florian looked down and said, "Oh, mein Gott."

There was stuff with Rafael and Simone.  I couldn't listen to it.  Isabelle had a cracky nightmare in which Ben and Katja were kissing in the pool.  She took off her robe to join them, then looked down at all the burn wounds on her body.  She wandered out into a hospital waiting room, IV and all, to look for Ben.  She said she thought he hadn't come.  Jessica said, "Let's go back to your room."

Ben showed up after all, and said, "I'm here for you."

There was a hint of plot intersection, or at least exposition, as Deniz and Roman discussed Marian's relationship with a prostitute.  Florian came in the door just then.  "Marian is together with a prostitute?" Flo asked.

"Ex-prostitute," Deniz corrected.  So seeing Marian made her stop taking other clients?  When did that happen?

Max found a sharp edge in the abandoned bathroom(?) -- abandoned room with tiled walls, anyway -- and sawed the duct tape off his wrists.  He apparently got the tape off his ankles soon after, then was next seen hurling himself against the metal door, with no results.

Axel got Detective Koch to come to the villa, and tell the Steinkamps that Max shouldn't have left town, because Axel still thought Max had been trying to kill him.  Detective Koch said that no one had actually left on a plane, but that Max had left a false trail.  Someone had tipped them off that Max was taking drugs when he ran into Axel.  Perhaps that's what has Max's fingerprints on it now.  Detective Koch is always so sure she's right about the characters' crimes, but whenever she's on the scene, she's totally wrong.  She's not around when characters commit actual crimes.  You'd think she'd be discouraged by the low conviction rate she has with the major characters in fictional Essen, but she always returns ready to arrest someone.

Richard tried to make conversation with Franzi, since they're both living in the penthouse now.  He asked how her father was, and she said he was still in prison.  (Correction: That Richard could call him at the prison.)  Vanessa came and Richard excused himself from the table, sensing girl talk was going to happen.  There was girl talk, and Frank said that Florian's apology had been really sweet.  "No, cool," she corrected herself.  Frank and Vanessa have great girl-power chemistry.

I wish I'd understood all the conversation that took place at the Wild-Ozturk flat over the breakfast table, because I'm sure it was very funny.  Roman was asking Flo how things were going with Frank, and Flo still doesn't want to talk about sex with his big brother.  I believe Deniz said that Flo had apologized to Franzi.  Deniz said something that made Florian choke on his juice.  Florian told Deniz to shut up.  (Edited to add: I finally saw it subtitled, and it was hilarious:  Thank you, thank you new translator people.)

When Florian got to the locker room after his interesting breakfast conversation with his brother and his "Uncle" Deniz, he saw a "My First Time" article pasted onto his locker.  He ripped it down.  Frank came in, and said, "Thanks for last night," or something like, and gave him a kiss.  The rest of the hockey players shut up.

A bit later, Florian was lifting weights and Frank came in and put a hand on his knee.  Florian quickly sat up.  They kissed, and Florian started counting in his head.  Apparently now he has a complex about coming too soon.  You figure he'd probably have a quick recovery time, so I don't know why he's that worried.  I wonder if this will become a discussion with Deniz.  Deniz gets a fair amount of entertainment from his conversations with Florian about the birds and the bees.  I'm sure Deniz remembers being seventeen and having erections at inopportune times, like when he was by the pool, looking at Roman's ass in a swimsuit.  It was only about three years ago.  Like Deniz then, Florian is just a mass of raging hormones.  Florian is accepting himself much better than Deniz did, though, now that he knows Frank's a girl.

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