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AWZ Wednesday

Ingo and Tom continue to plan how to scatter Uncle Erhardt's ashes from the Himalayas.  First we had the flunky of Papa R. looking for the urn.  Annette put it on her lap, with an afghan over it.  This led the flunky to assume she was pregnant.  After he left, Tom gave her a kiss on the cheek, while Annette begged for someone to take the urn off her lap.

This phase of Ingo and Tom's plan had Ingo bidding on something as the "Little Prince," Roman's online name for auction sites.  Then they were putting an engine together in the living room of the flat.  Ingo and Tom were covered with grease.  Annette came in, saw the engine, and headed for the bathroom, where she found an oil pump.  Ingo was amazed she knew what an oil pump was.  Not only that, but she knew how to fix one.  Go, Annette. :)

I couldn't even listen to whatever lies Rafael was telling Simone.  When her back is to him, he gets the "I'm evil and scheming" expression on his face, and it's all very stupid.  Rafael kept Max in the trunk of a car for a while.  He had Max's hands bound behind his back with duct tape, and a strip of duct tape over his mouth.  Was it James who said that duct tape was a good way to bind someone if you're serious about tying them up, and not in a fun way?  Perhaps they're better on that subject on AWZ than they were on VL, or at least Rafael is better at it than Lydia's stalker was.

Max and Rafael had some interesting interaction after Rafael ripped the duct tape off Max's mouth.  The actor who plays Max (Francisco?) was rocking the scenes in which he could talk -- very intense.  He's a pretty decent actor.

There was a bit with Tom bringing Isabelle roses, and Isabelle sulking and whiny.

Vanessa fixed "Boston burgers" for the family, and even wore an "I heart burgers" T-shirt.  She made Simone try to eat the thing with no utensils, and it was all very messy.  It was sparkly Steinkamp interaction, though.

Richard is suspicious about Max's disappearance.  I think Rafael told them that Max had gone ahead and gone to Moscow, but Richard tried to call Max a couple of times anyway.  Rafael took Max's cell phone away before he dragged him into an abandoned bathroom(?) and waved the pistol at him a lot.  Apparently Rafael is that bitter about spending fifteen years in prison for Max.

The bright spots of the episode were the scenes with the Wilds and Deniz.  Deniz told Florian he should apologize to Franzi.  Frank is still very angry with Florian, as she should be.  She asked Roman to tell his little brother something.  "Klar," Roman said.

"Tell him he's an asshole."

"Klar, gana(sp?)."  I translated that as a perky "Sure thing!"

Florian put a rose on the front of Franziska's locker, with a note saying "Sorry" with a sad face.  The rose and note fell down, but Frank found them.  Florian came in to see how she'd taken his apology.  She wrote "Arschelach" on his arm.  Frank is sticking with her theme.

A bit later, in the men's locker room, Florian told Deniz how he tried to apologize to Frank for calling her a whore.  "Sorry?  That's all you said?" Deniz asked incredulously.  Now that I think about it, how ironic is that?

"And I gave her a rose."  Deniz was unimpressed.

"What did she say back?" Deniz asked.  Florian pushed up his sleeve to show Deniz that Franziska had written "asshole."  "Well, she's better at communicating with one word than you are," Deniz concluded.

Florian thought it over for a while, then interrupted a yoga session to announce, "Franziska isn't a whore."  Franziska started to smile.  "She's a virgin."  Frank said she couldn't believe he'd said that.  Deniz obviously couldn't believe it either.  Franzi left, fuming.

So Deniz is giving advice on how to communicate in a romantic relationship.  He obviously didn't learn anything about that from Marian.  I guess he finally learned it from Roman.  I'm sure Roman and Deniz are now comparing notes about how stupid and clueless Florian is about dealing with women.  I'm sure Flo isn't that much worse than your average seventeen-year-old boy from a small town.  Poor Frank.

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