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Wednesday so far -- Wednesday real life

Woke up early this morning with a nasty headache and bad congestion.  Took some Advil and a Benedryl and eventually went back to sleep for an hour or two.  I ran another quick errand before the professional organizer came.  I worked out well enough how to pay her fees and pay the rest of my bills.  My savings are severely reduced, but I'll be able to pay this month's bills.

We did about another eight bags of paper recycling, a big bag of trash, and a couple more bags of books to donate.  I bagged up my clothes, too, until we get into clearing out my dressers and closet.  The big thing is that we cleared a broad path to the bed, and cleared off the bed, so I can finally graduate to sleeping in it.  Now I'll have to clear space to start moving the things that were on the endtable by the couch back up to my room.  That will be another day this week, I think.

Really, aside from the cleaning, it was pretty quiet for me.  I have lots of editing to work on, as is usual lately, but all but that one horror novel are things I feel good about.  I told the author of that one that I couldn't work on it in my room, and I didn't like working on it at night.  I think he was pleased that it had creeped me out so thoroughly, as that's what he was going for.  It's limiting my editing times and places, but I've been working on it on the computer downstairs.

Lisabea posted that her brother had been in a very bad car accident.  I sent hugs and thoughts for her family, and told her I wanted to send him a card.  I know getting cards, flowers and visits cheered me up so much when I was dealing with my broken ankle.  I hope that kind of thing will lift his spirits, as well.

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