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Tuesday real life

Not much happened.  I hadn't slept at all Monday night, so I slept well into the afternoon today.  I ran a quick errand, but snow had started falling on my way there, so I returned home pretty quickly.  I remembered how I was fishtailing around the roads in [borough] in one December snowstorm, and how I got so lost when I turned early to try to evade a traffic mess.  I didn't want a repeat of that day.

I'm totally broke again, but at least I used the majority of the money I had for paying bills.  I don't know.  I got another bill for physical therapy, with the past due amount on it, and I'm very anxious to pay that off completely.  The billing person in the orthopedist's office had said that as long as I paid $50 a month or so on it, I'd be okay, but I definitely don't want to have past due bills.  I also really want to pay off my credit card in full.  It will be a big relief to do that.

Mom came home at her usual time, but was in a wretched mood because her boss had given them a speech about how he expected them all to be in to work tomorrow, bad weather or not.  The weatherpeople only got as specific as 4 to 8" of snow.  There's been a lot of yelling and crankiness from Mom tonight, and it just makes me that much more eager to get the money together to move out.  Someone in real life told me that during Mom's knee replacement recovery, I'd be her "slave," and an online friend said that nursing her mother through two knee replacements had been hideous.

The professional organizer called at some point in the morning to cancel because she had a lot going on with her day job of occupational therapy.  We rescheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting.  I had hoped to get some done myself between her visits, but that's not really happening.  I guess having a professional there to break it down for me and encourage me is what's helping me actually do it.  We've certainly recycled a lot of old papers and magazines.  You can't tell it too much by looking at my room, which is discouraging, but we've taken a considerable amount of junk out of it.

I've taken on a lot of editing for the next few weeks, but I should be okay.  They're all different projects, so I can switch from one to another as I need a break from one.  Only a couple of them are at the proofreading/line edits stage.  More are in the general editing stage.  There was the one I've been really challenged by that the author describes as thriller with horror elements.  He hadn't given me that description beforehand.  I was told that the horror parts of it weren't gratuitous.  That was about it.  I took it as being a horror novel, and it's much easier for me to think of it that way.

I don't read horror.  Well, I read the first few of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, but I don't think they're exactly classic horror.  I liked the history element to them, and the rich descriptions.  After the first couple, they seemed to be mostly rich descriptions and characters thinking deeply about their states of existence, with not much plot actually happening.  But in general, horror is not my thing at all.

I read romance.  Sometimes I just want light and fluffy romance, and I do have a preference for humor, if it's done well, in a romance story.  I used to read a lot of fantasy and "soft" science fiction, like with telepaths and talking animal companions and such.  I still read some.  I read way more than my share of comic books in my day, and even got back into it somewhat when the first X-Men movie came out.  Generally I don't want the characters tortured and suffering extreme anguish during a book.  They can have their share of issues and challenges, but not so much that it's unrealistic that they can function in the world.

So I need to get myself in the frame of mind of editing all different kinds of fiction, not just all different kinds of erotic romance.  I guess it will be good for me to have that kind of experience.  It should keep me pretty busy and keep me challenged, anyway.

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